what level am i??

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Mar 29, 2009
i live in england so we dont do levels and i was intrested to know what level a would be.
cartwheel,roundoff, handstand, bridge kickover of 2(7cm)matts,handstand to bridge,front imber, front handspring(although quite bad form but i land it)
cartwheel(sometimes), forward roll, handstand low beam, tuck staigh and split jumps,round off dismount
pullover and back hip circle with help and neerly have my squat on
front summersault ,flyspring


Mar 29, 2009
North Carolina
hmm...on floor you would be around a level 3 or a 4, and on bars you would have some skills that are for level 3 and 4, but you need some more to, so i don't know, maybe a level 2. On vault a level 5, and on beam a level 3 (but the cartwheel is in the level 5 routine, good job)
if you have any other ?'s with level please let me know and i will help you :)


ok so in my opion i would say you are a level 4 maybe a level 5 but probable a level four cause of how we train in our gym. but to be a level 4 you have to have a front hip circle.



I wouldn't rank you as a USA gymnast level wise. there is another program called prep-op. this program has more of a variety of skills you can do in the levels. the levels are like rookie,pre-novice, novice, intermeadite, and advanced. You r probably like a novice. :eek:


as a mom who has been watching and helping out at the gym for over 14 years I would say you would in USA Gymnastics program you would be a 3 practicing to compete as a 4 for the fall session. Our level 1 - 3 have names as they don't compete in our area. Level 1 is Bronze pre-team, Level 2 is Silver Pre-team, and Level 3 is Gold Pre-team. They do the Level routines at the June show and our gym hosts a "fun meet" for these levels the week after the show. All the local gyms send there Preteams (levels 1 - 3) for one of the sessions and the others are Level 4 - 6 that just moved up in March after the state meets. Its really helps coaches see where other gyms are and where they need to work compared to the other gyms. Judging is soooo very easy. Falls are not counted girls can start over if they mess up a skill and no deductions. Spotting is allowed etc. It truly is just a fun day for the teams to get together - lots of giveaways and everyone gets ribbions for every event. they do a range thing, I forget the breakdown but its like Below a 7 you get a white ribbon - 7 - 8 you get a yellow ribbion, 8 - 9 you get a red ribbon, 9 and above you get a blue ribbon. It goes in an envelope and the judges put their scores right on the envelopes and insert a ribbon and record their scores on a score sheet Again lots of fun for all.
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