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  1. Geoffrey Taucer

    Coaches An appreciation thread for Her Majesty's tumbling technique

    Anybody else hear an angelic chorus singing "hallelujah" when looking at this image, or is it just me? Arms vertical, feet behind CoM and pushing the floor back, hips extended and pushed forward, chest rising towards the ceiling, full extension through knees and toes. Textbook perfect takeoff.
  2. U

    MAG Question about "normal side flip" form/technique.

    I've seen a lot of videos where someone will be facing forward (or slightly forward; and also their feet won't be completely planted sideways) when taking off into a side flip. And it looks like they slightly twist into the sideways rotation. I usually see this more often when an individual...
  3. U

    MAG About the form/technique of a "normal side flip".

    I've seen a lot of videos where someone will be facing forward (or slightly forward; and also their feet won't be completely planted sideways) when taking off into a side flip. And it looks like they slightly twist into the sideways rotation. I usually see this more often when an individual...
  4. JBS

    Parents Let’s discuss technique!

    Thanks to @Flippinmom for starting this thread... great discussion. Below is the original post from @Flippinmom... I feel like this thread could go on almost forever... so I'm going to hijack it and feature it! What does good technique mean to you? How do you look for it in a club?
  5. C

    WAG Technique on beam

    Hi all, My daughter is a level 9/10 gymnast tying to get to a solid level 10. We recently had to travel for a family issue and while we were away she trained at another gym. Some mastered some skills at the other gym and brought those skills back with her to her home gym. She had been struggling...
  6. JBS

    Technique with Taucer: Landings

    Kohei Uchimura at 2014 World Championships “How do you *really* define a stuck landing”? Does it mean no steps or is there more to it?” -PreciousJ The short answer: No movement of the feet, back straight, knees bent, no excessive movement for balance, and a complete stop. For maximum score...
  7. M

    Back Handspring Bent Arms - Technique or strength?

    Hi DD has been trying to get her BHS working right for about a year now, but still struggles with bent arms on landing. She can do it fine with spotting and on the trampoline or mattress, and she tends to be able to do it better after a roundoff rather than standing, so I'm not sure if it's...
  8. H

    Parents Finding the right gym for form/technique

    Hi everyone! This is my first post and I'm looking forward to learning from you. My DD just turned 8 and loves gymnastics. I put her in once a week rec classes when she was 5 because after she begged me to (and because she started doing cartwheels and roundoffs in ballet instead of tendus)...
  9. G

    WAG Hurdle Step Technique

    What is the best technique to use during hurdle step for optimum round offs. I've seen videos with several different hand placement etc
  10. G

    WAG Aerial skills - strength or technique

    What do they rely on? More technique or leg strength/explosiveness? I always thought you need a crazy amount of quad power for those aerial skills. But on team we have incredibly strong little girls, they do standing back pikes with ease, but have such a hard time getting their aerials. I made...
  11. C

    WAG Strength or technique

    Just a few days ago there was a thread about if kids on vacation should work out or not. So now I have a pretty interesting question and I am curious about your opinions. Would you say it is worse to not practice the skills or to not do any conditioning/stretching? If a gymnast quits gym, but...
  12. Canadian_gym_mom

    WAG Cast handstand technique question

    Totally just a random curiosity question from me again, lol. Just wondering if there are deductions for a weird technique with cast handstands. This person does what looks like a leg together cast handstand but with a leg straddle at the very end. So instead of the bum up first then the legs...
  13. K

    WAG bars - strength or technique

    I was wondering how much of bar work is strength and how much is technique? I guess back hip circles, front hip circles and kips are definitely technique skills, although you need some strength for glide kips. Giants are also a technique thing I guess. And dismounts of course. But what about...
  14. Geoffrey Taucer

    Coaches Modifying roundoff technique for saltos

    Generally, when we first train roundoffs, the goal is to turn it over such that the center of mass is significantly behind the feet on the landing, to propel the gymnast backwards into a fast, low, powerful backhandspring. However, this technique must be modified when the gymnast is doing a...
  15. M

    WAG Freestanding handstands - technique or training?

    I have a question that bothers me since a week now so I thought it might be a good idea to ask you guys :) Is there a certain technique for free standing handstands? DD can rarely hold a free standing handstand for some seconds, but most of the time just falls over after 1 or 2 seconds. She...
  16. M

    WAG bar routine - strength or technique?

    How much of the bar work (kip, clear hip, cast handstand, giant) is strength and how much is technique? My son is really strong and a great tumbler, but was not allowed to work on p bars, rings and high bar due to an growth plate issue, but now he is allowed to! He is strong, he can do a press...
  17. Coach247

    Coaches Form X Technique?

    If you had to choose only one to base your coaching on, witch one would you choose, and why?
  18. SXS524

    Coaches Supporting Back Somersault Technique

    I'm currently working towards my level 2 women's artistic coaching qualification (UK) and one of the skills on the syllabus is back somersault. I'm fairly new to spotting these and was wondering what technique people used? My mentor taught me to support with one arm going round the gymnasts back...
  19. munchkin3

    WAG L3 Pullover Technique Question

    My DD has her L3 pretty down. My question is on her pullover technique. She is small, so when she begins her swing and return to stand, her arms are way over her head....She does her pullover, pull up to chin way over the bar, quick pause and then lifts her body up and over through front...
  20. G

    Coaches Front handspring and strange technique

    Hi! I recently started coaching a group of level D girls. They have one other coach too but we never coach together. Girls have been doing front handsprings for years. Others can do them correctly but one of the girls came to me yesterday and said she struggled with them at last practice with...