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  1. txgymfan

    Emma teaches wolf turns

    Look at this cute clip of US Alternate Emma teaching former Japanese gymnasts to do the wolf turn. It’s so fun. I‘ve never seen the sill broken down like that.
  2. D

    WAG Is anybody else tired of wolf turns?

    I think they are only attractive when done perfectly in a routine where they flow with the other elements and the gymnast is able to do it without too much hesitation, and not many can do that.
  3. Q

    WAG En dedans turns

    In NAIGC, does anyone know if you are supposed to step in front or back out of an en dedans turn on beam?
  4. B

    Coaches Impact turns

    Hey coaches, I am looking for more information on how people are charting and tracking impact turns. How many do you allow at daily practice? What kind of matting and drills do you use day to day to minimize impact? Also interested in injury policies and any research based evidence for...
  5. B

    WAG Impact turns

    Looking for more information on hard and protected landings on all events. How many hard impact turns do you take each practice? What matting and drills do you use Day-to-day to minimize impact? Have you seen reduction of injuries from limiting or charting impact turns? Feel free to post any...
  6. L

    WAG Question on turns

    DD says her 1.5 turn on floor has grown wonky and they are now doing a fan turn, a full turn with leg at horizontal. She seems into it. Are these the same level skill, A or B (and which?), and just pretty much a swap? Thanks for the info.
  7. G

    WAG Value for Turns

    Sorry this is kind of random, but what are some turns that are Bs for beam? Full turn with leg at horizontal? Half wolf turn? Full wolf turn? This but only a full? One and a half normal is a B, I know. Illusions? Half, full, outward, inward, one hand, both hands, no hands- Any of these a B...
  8. Sarah_the_gymnast

    WAG Are "inside" turns rated the same as regular gymnastics turns?

    vs I know the one is a triple turn, and the other is a double on beam, but bear with me. I couldn't find better GIFs. So basically, is a turn the dancer way rated the same as a regular turn if it has the same number of rotations, etc. I'm inclined to say no, as in dancer turns are rated...
  9. flippingtogether

    Wolf turns

    Haven't seen anyone talk about them in a while.....certainly a topic of conversation tonight!
  10. M

    Coaches Switch leap with turns

    My oh my... I have been to a couple coach clinics lately but it was more disturbing than helping : The hurdle front leg : bend or not bend , when yes how knee high up or leg bent to back .... Backhandspring: because of the spring floor : short and high not long anymore For layout coming from...
  11. V

    WAG Deduction for doing turns on your bad leg?

    Is their a deduction for doing turns on your bad leg? I'm a righty for everything else but I turn leftie and do my split jump on beam leftie. So I'd like to be prepared to face a deduction for that if there is one. I've tried learning how to do my turns and split jump on beam on the right foot...
  12. sce

    Wolf turns

    Think we were referred to by the announcers on during the Jr session. There was mention of the online community calling for a ban of the wolf turn.
  13. Empowered

    Can we start a petition to ban wolf turns?

    Seriously, is this not the most overused skill in women's gymnastics at the moment? It's bad enough on beam, but even on floor. Texas Dreams seems to consider it a mandatory requirement. Very few gymnasts do them well. Most it's hideous on... They must go!! Apologize for my rant - Continue...
  14. C

    WAG Beam Full Turns

    I always step backwards when I do my full turn on the beam. It is like I get 3/4 of the way around and then step back. Any tips?
  15. C

    WAG Full Turns

    I have trouble with full turns on beam. I do them in posse and I switch between starting positions (lunge, Demi plié, and the step onto straight leg (pekay?) ) I land them perfectly about 10% of the times. I fall or have wobbles on them the rest of the time. I haven't fallen on them at a meet...
  16. L

    Coaches Turns - Turning body as a whole

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone had any tips/advice/drills/sayings that they found helpful when teaching turns. So far we've strengthened their releve so they seem to be getting adequate extension in their toes but their biggest problem is moving their hips then chest or vise versa. They are...
  17. Flipomaniak

    WAG illusion turns question

    When I do illusions, its in my floor routine, I put my hand down and I touch the floor. I never thought it was wrong until a team mate told me I don't get credit for the turn and that on beam that's a huge deduction. Is that true?
  18. M

    WAG Kyla Ross turns 16?

    Didn't you have to be 16 or turn 16 during the Olympics?
  19. All Chalked Up

    Full turns on beam

    Because of an injury on my left ankle (don't have enough range of motion to go up to releve), I have changed my turning foot to my right foot. I travel completely off the beam doing this skill (I fall to the left side if it makes a difference) and it is super frustrating! I also spin quite...
  20. S


    I was just wondering if full or double turns are worth more if they are done with one leg out in horizontal position? Does it depend on level?