1st meet...It can only get better!

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I had my first level 9 meet of the season... Let's just say it was interesting...

Started off on bars, which is currently my favorite event. Hit everything, until I was doing my second giant, when my grip came off my finger. Finished the routine, kind of nervously, and fell back on my dismount...I've always hated flyaways. Double flyaways are no exception. Not terrible, but room for improvement! (Score 8.0, 5th place)

Beam, what can I say? I was a MESS. And I can usually stay solid in competition! YIKES! Not today! I fell on my mount, (a little embarrasing to get on the beam, only to fall right off... :p) and then fell on a BHS in my series. So, no connection there. I did manage to land my dismount without falling, which is the one thing I thought I might not do! HUGE balance check on my turns, and on the switch side. Man oh man, was I glad to be done with beam. (Score...6.4. And I swear, that was generous, that routine was just all over the place) Just tried to shake it off....

Floor, least favorite event, so, of course, I do fine. The floor at this meet was really bouncy, and I'm used to my gym's floor, which has almost no bounce. On my double full, I bounced out of bounds, but it was a really, really good routine. (Score, 9.3. 1st!!)

Vault, not bad, pretty solid piked tsuk. (Score, 8.65 3rd)

So, I'd say I had a pretty successful meet. At least now I know I can definitely improve! (Maybe bring that beam score up.... Woops!)
Great job! What a score on floor for your first L9 meet!!! Congrats :)

Haha, I can remember almost falling backwards on my mount... in level 6! Lol. No excuse for that, the way the mount was. But I was really shaken up, so the point is I'm impressed you were able to get back up there and finish your routine as best you could.

Good luck with the rest of your season!
Way to go! Level 9 is tough and I'm sure it feels great to get that first meet out of the way. Those scores are pretty impressive for so early in the season.
Wow--great first meet!!! It's such an accomplishment to just be a level 9!!! Sorry about beam, but the fact that you shook it off to do so awesome on floor says a lot for you holding it together--that's really hard to do.

Congrats floor champ!!!!
Sounds like you did really well, especially on floor! I'm sure beam was just a bad day. What is your beam mount? I actually fell on the level 5 mount at sectionals.:p
Congrats you your first ever l9 meet. Even though beam didnt work out for you, it sounds like you still did a wonderful job, esp on floor. You should be very proud of yourself
You should be proud! Getting to level 9 is a fantastic achievement in itself, and you did a great job on floor!! (everyone here seems to be doing well on floor :p ) Keep training hard and keep up posted ;)
I love your healthy attitude about your meet. Not everything went as you thought, but sounds like you realize in the big scheme of things this was only 1 meet. Time to get rid of alot of nerves, get the routines out in front of the judges and find out what works and what needs work.

Great scores on vault and floor for your 1st meet. Bars and beam will come around.

GL for the rest of the season.
HAHA don't worry about the beam my coach who is level 9 (level 10 next yr) fell off beam 6 times at states :( poor Toni lol and then she just flew over the vault table :(
pretty funny but sad considering its states.
Sounds like a pretty good start to the season overall. Even if beam was a bit crazy, your attitude about it is very positive. Keep up the good work/attitude and you'll be pulling L9 altogether in no time.

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