1st meet report ever for DD - warning this may be long

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I have to say that I couldn't sleep last night and was a nervous wreck just thinking about her competing. She on the other hand woke up bright and early at 5am and was ready to go with tons of energy. I felt sick to my stomach the whole time we drove over there and while we were waiting. Please tell me this will get better. I don't think I'm cut out to be a gym mom. Once the meet got started I calmed down a bit. I think what helped me was watching her looking so relaxed and having fun just like it was another day at the gym. It helped that the meet was set up poorly and you really couldn't see floor or vault all that well so watching warm-ups was difficult. She was so adorable marching it that I felt a little lump in my throat.

Her first event was floor which made me happy. It's not a nervous event to watch because her problems are details which I know will come with time and age. When the girls gathered around the judges before starting she was actually hiding behind one of her teammates and I had a fear at that moment that she wasn't going to be able to do it. Watching your child take the floor for the very first time ever was so scary. My stomach was just in knots but she did a really nice floor routine with just her usual mistakes. She lets her knees come apart just a tiny bit on her handstand forward roll, her back leg is a little low on her leap, she lacks a little tightness in the section on the floor and on her ROBHS she didn't control her rebound very well. She bounced up and kicked one leg up. It's a new problem that has just popped up. It was pretty much a carbon copy of what she's been doing in practice. Score:8.7 I think it will be pretty easy for her to get in the 9.0 range soon with a little more work. She's only been at her new gym about 2 months and they have cleaned up her floor routine considerably.

On to vault where she was first up. I was pretty relaxed for vault because you get 2 tries and it's pretty hard to fall off vault at this level. She pretty much did the best vault she's capable of at this point. She just this week corrected the pike she had on her preflight and it looked very nice. She doesn't block and fly like some of her teammates, but it looks nice. Score 9.0

On to bars next. She did a beautiful routine in warm-ups. I was a little nervous because anything can happen. She looked great to start with a really good FHC with a cast to horizontal, nice shoot thru and then she doesn't make it all the way around on her mill circle! I have never seen her do that. If she has a problem she falls forward, but she was just a little short today. She got back up like a pro and finished strong with a really good dismount. Score: 8.8 I knew she would still get a high score because her bars are really nice and clean. That would have been a very nice score otherwise.

Beam was up last and I was absolutely sure she was going to fall like 12 times. She had a very shakey, bad warm-up. Our seats were also like 2 feet in front of the beam. I had planned on moving when she got to beam. You could see the girls shaking and it was making me nervous. At the last minute I decided to stay. She'll have to learn to deal with people sitting so close for future meets and focus on what she's doing so she might as well start now. She did a really nice mount and I could see she was trying very hard to keep her legs perfectly straight. She had a small wobble on her heel snap and stepped back a bit too quick to cover it. Her handstand was just a tiny bit shy of vertical, though I know that's not required in L4. Everything else looked really solid. She could have held her dismount a bit longer, but she had great form and remembered not to pike down. It was a nice routine. Score: 9.1 That was the highest beam score we had seen so I was thrilled. Her teammate came up later and topped it with a 9.2, but hey she was the state champ on beam this past fall so being in her league was nice.

AA was a 35.6. That is way better than I expected her to do honestly. She ended up taking 4th AA. She was 2nd on beam which was very exciting. Vault was 6th place and floor was 4th place. She didn't place on bars, but the winning bars score was just a 9.050. I know you can't play what ifs in gymnastics, but she could have totally won bars if she hadn't fallen. Her team also took first place.

Overall it was an exhausting and stressful experience for me, but she had blast. I was so proud of her and so happy to hear her say she couldn't wait until the next meet. I wanted her to have fun and enjoy herself and she did. Let's just hope mom can chill out next time.:p

I would have been proud of her no matter what she scored or did skillwise, but she completely exceeded my expectations. She looked confident and except for the weird fall on bars she competed just like she practices and maybe even a little better. She was bit tighter and sharper than in practice. She completely held her own with her teammates who have all competed 1 or 2 years of level 4. She will be so ready by next fall when her first Level 4 season starts. I couldn't have asked for a better start for her (well, I'd like those bars back) and it was a great learning experience. She's such a shy child that I really wondered if she be able to compete and she completely surprised me.

I did not video because the set-up was pretty bad. Another parent filmed all of DD's team from the balcony and always gives each parent a copy. I don't know if I'll be able to figure out how to post it because it will have everyone on it from her team. I don't know how to post a video much less edit one. Hopefully I'll get a video of just her next time.

Thanks for reading and giving me someplace to get all this out.
she did awsome!! WTG

you'll have to see if there are pictures at least. I love seeing video and pictures guess its that scrapbooker in me.
That was awesome for a first meet! Congrats and I totally sympathize about the nausea. I still don't eat much beforehand, even though my daughter has been through 6 meets. :) Hope we get to see video!
I hope I'll be able to figure out how to put just DD on youtube. The parent is making a DVD that has every routine of every girl. Considering I don't even know how to put a video on youtube I'll have to figure out how to add just her. I looked through my pictures and they all include teammates. I don't feel comfortable posting pictures of other kids so I'll have to get her in her leo and get a picture with her medals alone. I have one super cute picture of her with a girl if I could just blur out the other girls face. Maybe I'm being over cautious, but hey it's a strange world out there.
Wow, it sounds like she did GREAT! I am sure I would have been a nervous wreck too, I am the fretting type as well, lol.

Hope she enjoys the rest of the season!
Sounds like she did awesome for her first meet. I think all moms get nervous I usually move far away from the beam, good for you sticking up close. I would love to say your nerves when watching her will get better but after 4 years of my daughter competing I think it just gets worse.
Sounds like she did AWESOME for a 1st meet! 8.8 on bars with a "fall"-WOW! In my 5th year of watching my girls compete and I still can't eat before a meet (no matter what time their session is!) I would like to say it gets easier to watch but...the skills get bigger and scarier-LOL!!!! Enjoy watching L4!!!!
WTG to your DD. She did a wonderful job. I hope you are able to get a video up. Im sure she is on cloud 9. If you remember my posts about Kadees first meet I was the same way. I was so nervous for her. I was a wreck. It seems to bother us so much more than it does them. I hope she has a wonderful first season. I cant wait to hear how her her other meets go.
Sounds like she did awesome for her first meet. I think all moms get nervous I usually move far away from the beam, good for you sticking up close. I would love to say your nerves when watching her will get better but after 4 years of my daughter competing I think it just gets worse.

No! You were supposed to tell me it gets better! I think I will be much less nervous next time because alot of my fear was about whether she would actually go out there and compete and all my worries were for nothing. She had a blast. I asked her last night if she was nervous and she said she wasn"t at all, she just felt normal.
Sounds like she did an awesome job! We have been to 3 meets allready and I am always a nervous wreck. I am already nervous for the one next weekend!
Sounds like she did AWESOME for a 1st meet! 8.8 on bars with a "fall"-WOW! In my 5th year of watching my girls compete and I still can't eat before a meet (no matter what time their session is!) I would like to say it gets easier to watch but...the skills get bigger and scarier-LOL!!!! Enjoy watching L4!!!!

I know I'd really like to know what her score would have been without the fall. Bars was the one event that I wanted her to do her very best because I knew it was her highest scoring potential. I went into the meet thinking if she had a chance to place on anything it was bars and then she places on everything but bars. The fall was disappointing because it was something I'd hadn't seen her do before. If she had fallen on her dismount that would have been expected. She wasn't bothered by it at all and told me her warm-up was perfect. If only they counted warm-ups right?

For me the highlight of the meet was watching her stick beam. I was so proud of her. The beam scoring was pretty tough. There were only 3 9's out of all the age groups and I wouldn't have really thought of her as being strong on beam.
Add .5 to her bars score. Can't tell if they gave her full credit for the mill circle since she didn't complete it. Anyway, she had a good day. No, the nerves never go away.
Wowza those are crazy good scores for anybody, especially a little one on her first meet! Congrats to her! I still get sick every single morning before my DD's compete. Every single time. My older DD's next meet is at 4:30 pm so I am going to be very hungry by the time that one is finished...yeesh. Enjoy the rest of her season...she is going to have a fabulous one!
I knew it was at least .5. She actually made it all the way around and looked like she had it, but when she pushed up to show support she kind of slipped backwards. It was a weird fall.

She actually doesn't have any more meets until maybe March and it will probably only be one. Her real first season starts next August.

Thanks for making it through my novel of a post. I am very, very proud of how she did. It reaffirmed my decision to have her compete L4. I know not everyone agrees with competing L4, namely her own dad, but I think this is important for her to have fun. Sometimes I think to myself she could be done with these routines and working on L5 and she'd be very ready for L5 when the time came, but she'd have to sit out another year and watch her friends compete. It's not really that fun to work, work, work and never get to do the fun part and feel like there's a reason for all the work. I think it gives her a little motivation to improve. She was looking at her score card and she wanted to know why she didn't get a 9 on floor when she did a "perfect routine". I explained to her that every tiny thing takes points off your score. Every time you bend you leg or flex your foot the judges takes away your points. She didn't really have a concept of that before.
It sounds like she had a great first L4 meet! She will be rocking it next fall when she competes for real.

I only wish the nerves got better as the years go on, but I have to agree it's only worse when they are doing harder skills that they are more likely to fall on. Bars and beam are very hard to watch for me now that dd is a L7 and could really crash on some of her skills.
Sounds like an awesome showing for a first meet. I'm always so amazed at these little ones that can compete and do it so well. I think the level 4 meets will be good for building her confidence and getting her used to competing without pressure, level 5 will be here soon enough, might as well let her enjoy in the meantime.
Congrats she had an awesome 1st meet!!!! She is going to have a fantastic season next year :)

For me the nerves never go away. My DD has her 1st meet this weekend and I am already nervous about it. she is a Level 7 (2nd year) and competing a bunch of new skills. I wish they would've just let her do her same routines from last season, then maybe I wouldn't be nervous. LOL!!

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