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We'll my dd had her 1st l4 meet this past weekand .Her nerves got to her big time.
she got 8.625 v(her feet were apart usually much better)
6.8 bars she did not make kip which in fl aau without kip score starts 9.5 ,that dreade shoot thru she has been having a rough time with well she fell twice trying for it and the coach had to spot her she ended up just doing her leg cut instead.
8.05 beam she was little wobbly in her 1st turns dropped her foot then after her leap she frooze ,whiched seemed like forever and finally looked ather caoach which told her the rest of her routine which was a .5 deduct.
7.275 fl once again almost forget her routine in middle but she remeberd she has not been connecting her robhs so they had her do ro stop bhs.
she told me that night that she was very nervous .Glad this one is over her next is in 2wks so hopeing for improvements. She did get her kip back last night made it 3times !
She had some very respectable scores for a first meet. I am sure now that she has her first meet under her belt things will become less stressful for her.

These little ones are amazing that they will go out in front of a huge crwod of starngers and be judged for their work. She has much to be proud of.
Now that she has the first meet under her belt hopefully she will be less nervous next time. Eventually they learn how to use that nervous energy to their advantage. The first meet is always the toughest - good luck to her for her next meet.
The first meet is so hard. I remember DD's, UGH !! - she was so nervous. The next one will go better.

Just getting the first one over with is a huge accomplishment
First meets are more of a phycological challenge then an athletic one (IMHO).

My DD scores were in the upper 8's, and she was visably disappointed. When she got a 9.25 on beam she lit her up like the Statue of Liberty. Nothing else mattered... she got one of those "9" scores. That's all it took. She was forever hooked. Slippery slope and all.

If your DD did her best, and held her head high at the end -- then she's a true athlete! Shiney Medals simply aren't big enough to reflect effort.

One thing i learned with recitals, and competitions, etc. What matters most is the child SEEING the parent Seeing the child. If she sees your pride for her, she will emote that pride 10x over.

Just my observation is all. Opinions differ.
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I think those were great scores for a first meet. I am sure she will get more confident and do better as the season moves along. I think they are all amazing for even trying. Hope she had fun!
Very fine scores for her 1st meet! Especially when you consider that she has moved from the AAU program to USAG (am I correct on that?).

She will get the hang of it over time, I promise you! Remember to keep it fun!

We like to say "every meet is a learning experience, and you grow and learn something every time you compete."

So it all adds up to good stuff over time!;)
That was great for a first meet, now that she's had the experience Iam sure that she will look like an old pro next time! After working out at the gym the first meet can be overwhelming, and oh those judges!

Tell her she did a great job!
Thanks everyone for the nice words.I really did not care about the scores,but it bothered me that she was so nervous and not confident in herself.I think it had alot to do with that she is having so much trouble with that stupid shoot thru and bars was her last event.She did compete in L2/L3 so she did know what to expect,but has always been shy in front of large groups.Her next meet is at home gym so hopefully she will be more relaxed.

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