2008 JO national champ

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hey everyone! for my friends on here who were asking about me and the JO nationals, i am the JO national champion on beam!!! and i have a youtube account (gymnastic1) and my routine and some pics and other vids of me are up there....just type in kayla gray and it should come up!!! oh, and if anyone else was there or knew someone who was there let me know because i might have seen them or something!
good job!!!! thats amazing!!! I was there and i got 3rd on vault! I'm a Junior D.

what age group were you??
I know I already told ya congrats, but congrats again, that was an amazing routine!

So how does it feel to be a national champ?
Congratulations Kayla - Your routine is simply beautiful - that is one heck of an accomplishment! It must have been a very fun time :D, One of our coaches former gymnasts was there also - Kaylan Earls. But she was in the Jr C division.

Tx for sharing your wonderful news!
Great routine. My level 4 7year DD loved your mount. This last weekend she was doing the side splits on her beam and has said tht when she is an optional that will be her mount.

Speaking of the JO how did everone like how it was run and the facility. I thought it was a great meet and well run, how about you.
Beautiful! I love your Layout Step Out!

Congratulations on your championship.

One of my DD's teammates was there, she was in the Junior Division - She was the Alternate.
thank you so much! it's so nice to hear that my mount is a role model for young gymnasts!!!
haha it felt AMAZING for like an hour, but now it's still exciting don't get me wrong but i feel like the same kayla!! haha
I competed their and i was a JR C. I fell twice though (on my bhs layout on beam and tkachev on bars). I was so upset!!! i watched your video-nice!!! hey, and my friend was a JR B too! Sara Townsend...do you know her?
yah she is saragymnast1! haha i was actually just talking to her about nationals!

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