6 Reasons for Pegan wild card for Olympic games 2008

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1) He has been the top ranked gymnast on the FIG Ranking List for at least 7 years (Horizontal bar).

He is ranked No. 1 on high bar in the FIG World Cup points system; with more than 750 points, he has nearly 300 points more than the next highest gymnast.

2) At the last three World Championships he has won one gold and two silver medals.

3) He has won more than fifty medals at the biggest international competitions!

4) He also has two elements, pegan, named after him (high bar and parallel bar) and in the FIG Code of Points.

The basic Olympic rule - LET THE BEST SPORTSMAN WIN - should be respected.

For the number of years, the rules of the Olympic qualification in gymnastics stopped the best gymnasts on individual apparatus to participate in the most important competition of their career - the Olympic Games. In this way the basic rule, that the best sportsman should win, was not respected.

The efforts of Slovenian gymnastics federation together with many other countries have with the understanding of the FIG President, Mr Bruno Grandi resulted that for the first time World Champions qualify directly to the OG as a result of their excellence.
In this way, Mitja Petkovsek (SLO-World Champion on parallel bars) and Leszek Blanik (POL - World champion in vault) qualified to Beijing, yet three gymnasts, who finished second cannot participate - Krisztian Berki, Yuri van Gelder and Aljaz Pegan.
It is expected that the rules for 2012 OG will allow top 3 gymnasts from the World ranking list on the individual apparatus to go to the Olympic Games. Both Yuri van Gelder (age 24) and Krisztian Berki (age 22) will therefore have an opportunity to compete at the Olympic Games, when they will be at the peak of their career.

Aljaz Pegan is today 33 years old and although he is still among the very best in the world, however, it would not be fair to him and his competitors to leave him out of the Olympics.

He DESERVES to be in Beijing and challenge the very best gymnasts in the world on high bar for the most prestigous title ever.


6) The tradition of a small yet one of the most successful gymnastics countries always based on dreams, which should not be shattered.

Some of the most prominent gymnastics names in history come from Slovenia:

Leon Stukelj - Olympic all-around champion of 1924, who has been honoured in the opening ceremony of the 1996 OG in Atlanta with a standing ovation of the entire world.
video from Atlanta: http://www.ighof.com/videos/stukelj_video.html

Josip Primozic - four time World Champion in 1931.

Miroslav Cerar - Olympic Champion on pommel horse in 1964 and 1968, who dominated the gymnastics scene in the 1960s.

Slovenia has population of only 2 million people, yet has organised 2 World Championships (1922 and 1970), European Championships in 2004 and World Cup events in 2005, 2006 and 2007, with the fourth World Cups event being held between April 25-27 2008.

In the last decade, Mitja Petkovsek and Aljaz Pegan live the dream of our sporting nation - together they have won 5 European and 3 World titles and numerous medals at the biggest competitions.

Today Slovenia is showing their respect for Aljaz Pegan by supporting his quest for the wild card invitation - do not shatter this dream!
The action has been started by the Slovenian Gymnastics Federation and the Slovenian Olympic Committee, who launched a letter of support for Aljaz Pegan.

This letter has been initially signed by the President of the Slovenian Gymnastics Federation, Mr Klemen Bedenik, President of the Slovenian Olympic Committee, Mr Janez Kocijancic and the President of Slovenian Olympic Academy, Mr Miroslav Cerar.

Miroslav Cerar ( http://www.ighof.com/honorees/honorees_cerar.html ) is also the Ambassador for Sport of the Republic of Slovenia and the most successful sportsman in Slovenian history, winning over twenty medals at the Olympic Games, World and European Championships.

The Letter of support has then been presented at the UEG Congress in Prague, where the support for Aljaz Pegan was nearly unanimous.

28 delegates from across Europe signed the letter of support together with Mr Dimitris Dimitropolous, the President of the UEG, Mr Paul Garber and Mr George Guelzec, vice—presidents of the UEG, Mr Ivan Levak, President of the Control Authority of the UEG and Mr Gianfranco Marzzola, President of the Mens Technical Committee of the UEG.



Letter of support...

Dear gymnastics friends

We are appealing to you to support our application for the Olympic games wild card nomination for Slovenian gymnast Aljaz Pegan.

His first participation at the World Championships reach back to Stutgart in 1989 and since then he has won more than fifty medals at the biggest international competitions. He is the top ranked gymnast on the FIG Ranking List (Horizontal bar). He also has an element, pegan, named after him.

In the last three World Championships he has won one gold and two silver medals, yet he is denied the participation at the Olympic Games.

The support and demands of Slovenian public regarding his Olympic qualification have reached immense proportion and in this light we are obliged to turn also to international community to extend its help to country with a long-standing gymnastics tradition.

We are appealing to you to support our quest for his participation at the Olympic Games.

Yours faithfully,

Klemen Bedenik, President of Slovenian Gymnastics Federation
Janez Kocijancic, President of Slovenian Olympic Commitee
Miroslav Cerar, President of Slovenian Olympic Academy


Letter, signed by the most prominent people from Slovenia

On October 11 2007, the letter of support has been publicly signed by some of the most prominent Slovenes, who come from various fields of public life. Among them are:

- the mayor of the City of Ljubljana, Mr Zoran Jankovic
- the CEO of the BTC City, Mr Joze Mermal
- the director of sport at the Ministry of sport and Edcuation, Mr Simon Starcek
- the director of TV Slovenia, Mr Anton Guzej
- Mitja Petkovsek, two times World and four times European champion on parallel bars


The first president of Slovenia, Mr Milan Kucan, signed a letter of support on October 30, 2007

Mr Milan Kucan, the first president of the Republic of Slovenia, signed a letter of support in Pegan’s gymnastics hall, which measures only 12 x 12 metres. With this gesture, Mr Kucan not only expressed his support for Aljaz, but also shown to the public near impossible conditions for the training of one of the best gymnasts on high bar in the World.

Mr Kucan added: “I have signed the letter willingly, as I do not think it is fair that one of the best gymnasts in the World cannot participate at the Olympic Games due to some outdated qualification system. If Aljaz will make it to the Olympics, I believe he will show his greatness; I also hope that the impossible qualification system will be put under scrutiny.â€￾

The government joined the action

The Prime Minister of Slovenia, Mr Janez Jansa and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Dimitrij Rupel, have recently visited China on an official business. Whilst there, they have also mentioned the matter of the qualification of Aljaz Pegan to the highest authorities of Peoples Republic of China.

The official press release of Slovenian government is quoted below:

"Against the backdrop of the official visit, the Slovenian side also mentioned the issue of the attendance of the Slovenian gymnast, Aljaž Pegan, at the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics, which has not been decided yet. "We have asked the hosts for assistance in resolving this issue, which they kindly agreed to. I have discussed this with the Premier of the State Council of the People's Republic of China, while the Minister of Health, Zofija Mazej Kukovič, met separately with representatives of the Chinese Olympic Committee. Our position was appreciated. When our request for the performance of Aljaž Pegan at this greatest sport event is discussed, China will provide its support," said the PM"

The entire report can be found on:


(Photo: Kristina Kosec/Bobo)
Minister Rupel receives gymnast Aljaž Pegan

Ljubljana, 14 November 2007 – Minister of Foreign Affairs Dimitrij Rupel received the top-level gymnast Aljaž Pegan today at the Foreign Ministry and assured him of support in his endeavours for participation in the Beijing Olympics.

Minister Rupel apprised Pegan of the Slovenian delegation's activities during its recent visit to Beijing. The Minister said he discussed Pegan's invitation at his meeting with the Chinese Foreign Minister. Later, Prime Minister Janez Janša included this issue in his address at the formal dinner, whereas Minister of Health Zofija Mazej Kukovič discussed it with representatives of the Beijing Olympic Organization Committee.

Minister Rupel also underlined that the participation of gymnasts in the Olympics is prestigious for Slovenia, as in this discipline Slovenians, amongst others Miro Cerar, have achieved notable results. The Slovenian government will thus do everything in its power for Pegan to receive an invitation from Beijing.


(photo: BOBO)

Minister Rupel also underlined that the participation of gymnasts in the Olympics is prestigious for Slovenia, as in this discipline Slovenians, amongst others Miro Cerar, have achieved notable results. The Slovenian government will thus do everything in its power for Pegan to receive an invitation from Beijing.


(photo: BOBO)

At the end of 2007, the Slovenian Gymnastics Federation presented a theatre performance in honour of 100 years’ anniversary since joining the International Gymnastics Federation. The event was carried out as a first of seven gymnastics gala/theatre performances. On December 12 2007, prior to the event, the president of the UEG Mr Dimitropolous, the director of the UEG Mr Kucht and the presidents of former Yugoslav gymnastics federations met in Ljubljana. The discussions ran mostly on the proposed new gymnastics centre Pegan-Petkovsek, which should serve as a centre for CEEC and which the UEG will back also financially and on the need for changing of the Olympic qualification rules.

Gala event is touring Slovenia

Currently the gala event is touring Slovenia, starting on January 19 in the second biggest town of Maribor and finishing on February 17 in the capital town Ljubljana. The project has resulted in the support of many Slovenian people, some of the photos can be seen at http://www.pegan.si/sloforum/viewtopic.php?t=242 (from Maribor) and from other towns at: http://www.pegan.si/sloforum/viewforum.php?f=11

The TV report from Maribor is here:

Thanks to "Studio delo" for video.

Aljaz Pegan is a real hero among the young Slovenian people and has been a guest at many kinder gardens, primary and high schools.
A short video from one of the visits can be seen here:


more pictures at: http://www.pegan.si/sloforum/viewtopic.php?t=240

It is our pleasure that the project has received a great interest worldwide and that numerous people support our quest for a wild card for Aljaz Pegan.

Please write to forum http://www.pegan.si/engforum/ and show your support as well.
I want inform you that today (few minutes ago) died one of basic Olympic rule - LET THE BEST SPORTSMAN WIN

On our National TV (TV Slovenia) we got the information that the last wild card for Olympics games (for artistic gymnastics) goes to one citizen of Yemen.

I dont know what thinking about this decision Pegan, Yuri van Gelder, Berki and other great gymnasts all over the world and other normal people...

And what do you think?
Is that fair?
Today on FIG homepage:

They said: “It seems that the existing rules are not well known and we would therefore like to remind everybody the following criteria upon which the invitational places of the IOC Tripartite Commission are allocated.â€￾

And: “The IOC Tripartite Commission has strictly adhered to these criteria.â€￾

Only one questions:
Why 4 years ago (Athene) Tampakos got wild card?
Stritly adhered to criteria?
Which criteria?

It seems that IOC dont know its own critera…
Or the rules changed and we dont know nothing about the new rules?

It seems that tripartite Commission work on its on way - nothing transparent, we dont get any document abouts wild card allocation in last 5 month, the worst is that the first information we got from TV…

Only stays: The tripartite Commission has strictly adhered to these criteria, …The allocation has been done by tripartite Commission… the tripartite Commission doing this and this… everywhere is tripartite Commission...

In our country (democratic) we knows the name in all commission!!!
I am affraid that this commission never exist!!!
"Why 4 years ago (Athene) Tampakos got wild card?"

That's probably the difference between winning silver and winning gold. Could also be the difference between being from the host country and being from somewhere else.
I saw (Yesterday) some activities on the FIG pages.
They change the site at:

Before was:
Slot 98: Slot allocated by the IOC three-partite Commission (IOC - ANOC - FIG)
Now stays:
Slot 98: Slot allocated by the IOC three-partite Commission (IOC - ANOC - IF)
No comment!

"Cache of Uncle Google" knows all the past websites on the world :D
Here is for example clearly stay:
Slot 98: Slot allocated by the IOC three-partite Commission (IOC - ANOC - FIG)


Document name: MAG - Olympic Games 2008 - Qualifiers.doc
Issued by FIG Media Operations on 02/10/2007 9:51 AM

Why FIG after so long time change this sentence on it site?

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