Bogwoppit final meet report

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Thanks all, you are such a great team of cheerleaders. I am slowly getting over the fact that bad judging means DD won't get to the provincials. The routine has been looked by those that know and she was underscored. One of the judges came from the host club, who won everything. The judges at this level are also locally trained and there have been some real disasters this year, just another thing for coaches to stress about.

I am sure it will be a tough month or two for big DD as the meets come around, but I am trying to not talk about it and focus on other things like summer trip to IGC etc. Funny I think the kids are more resiliant than the parents at times.

It is little Bog's 10th birthday today so that has been another distraction for us all. Can't believe my baby is a double digit girl.
Oh man, I'm absolutely speechless. I'm so glad you spoke up, that really stinks. You are a great Mom and you have a couple of truly fantastic kids!!! Birthday wishes to Baby Bog!!!
Oh my heart breaks for your oldest! You just hate it when they get low scores they really don't deserve--hard to see. And read your last note--what a little sweetie your little Bog is!!
Bog Sorry your oldest Bog had such a bad experience. Happy Birthday and Congrats to Baby Bog for having the heart made of gold.
Good for you for speaking up when something wasn't right. I'm sure you helped to make the little ones day!:D
The disappointment is heartbreaking to watch them go through. I like the focus on camp idea! I'm trying that one next time I need to redirect!;)
I am soooo sorry for big bog...and so excited for baby bog. It is always so hard to have a meet where one is successful and the other experienced incredibly tough judging. I love that they are so supportive of one another...what a blessing for you--and for them to have that type of relationship.

Summer will soon be here and everyone will be uptraining and going to camp---:)
Oh Bog--That is devastating for Big Bog--my heart goes out to her. I am happy for little Bog--she did very well. It really sucks when the judging can be so harsh and there are no answers to why some routines were judged so harshly and others were "gifts". Dani had a similar experience at her last meet. Her teammate (the not so nice one who wants to beat everyone) ended up getting very high "gifted" scores IMHO, on all her events (bent legs and form breaks...) and ended up with 2 1sts on bars and floor and 1st in AA. Dani was devastated b/c she really improved (in her and my opinion) but was left out of the AA and barely squeaked by with last on the podium. It is so hard when judging like that occurs. Plus since they only went out to top 4 in her age group, not too many kids got anything. I am learning that gymnastics can be a very exhilerating and devastating sport when it comes to judging.

Big hugs to Baby Bog and Bigger Bog (((((hugs)))))
I read both posts and I feel for both of your girls. My dd is dealing exactly with the same thing your older dd is. Everyone on her team is training for Regionals and like you said she is training for nothing, but I put a spin on it and told her she is getting a jump on uptraining and the skills she would need for the next level. Yesterday the groups were split into who's going to Regionals and the other group of who's not. Dd being in the who's not, actually came home from practice and told me she had a great time. She was able to get so much done and while her foot still hinders all that she can do everywhere else (hopefully she will be back 100% by the end of the week), she is working upgrades on bars. Coach was working front giants with her, so she is a happy camper. I did read that your dd is also working upgrades and there is something about that, that really fuels the girls and they thrive on it! :p

As for little dd, well gosh, they should get medals. They are the ones who really, really want them. I am so glad that momma bear came out and did what needed to be done - now little dd gets to walk around with a beauty of a necklace - that she earned!!!! :D

Of course nobody knew during the meet how upset this made DD feel as she will never let her team down, she smiled and clapped and cheered. But she is devastated, the only one in the gym not to make Provincials in the High School girls. Can't begin to tell you how bad I feel for her. When she was sitting alone on the floor whist her team were all up on beam (coaches were warming up the next group) my heart broke. Hopefully she can survive the next few weeks of everyone training to compete whilst she is training for nothing.

I'll make a second post for Little Bog.
OMG, she is truly a compassionate person - your are very lucky mom!

I did read after my 1st post that bigger dd is not working upgrades. Well, doing routines is better than going back to basics, so hopefully she will stick it out!

I just had the nicest moment, this morning Baby Bog wrapped her gold medal up and put a note on it "you deserve this more then me" and put it on Bigger Bog's pillow. That sure brought tears to our eyes. Little Bog is a generous spirit, but she is sad for the poor judging that Bigger Bog got.

Children can be the purest spirits at times.
I just had the nicest moment, this morning Baby Bog wrapped her gold medal up and put a note on it "you deserve this more then me" and put it on Bigger Bog's pillow. That sure brought tears to our eyes. Little Bog is a generous spirit, but she is sad for the poor judging that Bigger Bog got.

Children can be the purest spirits at times.

OMG--this brought tears to my eyes!!! I think that this kind of intrinsic spirit and genuine love is worth more than all the gold medals in the world!!! You must be so proud to have such caring and loving daughters that support each other through thick and thin. What a great supportive and wonderful child you have!!!! This post made me smile and brought a tear to my eye and helped me remember that THIS IS WHAT GYMNASTICS IS ABOUT, NOT WINNING OR LOSING OR SCORES. Thank you for sharing your beautiful dds with us and the lessons they unknowingly teach us!!!!!!!!:grouphug:
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Thanks again all. Big DD is hoping for what we call a "cours libre" tomorrow at gym. They usually get these after a meet and they can work on anything they want. That would cheer her up a lot. As for the time beteween now and May 17th when all provincials are over we'll see how it goes, at lot depends on DD and how she handles the other girls, understandable, excitement at going etc.

Little one always has had a huge heart, she is just such a kind kid. I do have great kids and I am always so happy that they can just hang out together and get along.

Little one is off to gym tonight, hoping to get back on that flyaway she has been desperate to get, also her back tuck on floor. SOunds like fun.
Bog, I'm late posting but just wanted to say how sorry I am for your older daughter. It sounds like she was really gypped out of Provincials and that is just plain awful, not to mention very hard to explain to a child. I hope she is able to hold her chin up and still root for her teammates.

Congratulations to BabyBog on a great meet! Good for you sticking up for her and her teammates. That is the age group that most deserves medals. I think the older girls are a bit over it and have closetsful, but the young ones love them. Baby Bog is such a sweethear too for wanting to give her medal to her sister. What a great kid she is! Happy Birthday to her!


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