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I have two coaches and one of them is moving next week:( . And the one coach that is moving I've become real close to. And am nervous how my workouts are gonna be like without her. I was just wondering if anyone else has experiance something like this?
I'm sure they (workouts) will change a bit. Coaches like to make a program their own. Let your new coach know what worked before, but give them room to do their own thing also. By making them feel as if it is their program, you will keep them around much longer.:)
Change is hard, but sometimes it's for the best. When our coach left our old gym, she decided to start her own and 90% of the team went with her, including us. When we first learned that she was leaving, it was very upsetting, especially as there were a lot of rumors and ugly things being said. Once we got through the transition, though, things settled down and everyone is happy to be back in a routine.


I am in the same EXACT boat as you...I am not even kidding, two of my coaches (they are married), are moving to another state, far away. They have known me for 10 years and the other for 8 years. One is moving in less than 2 weeks and i am devastated. I cry a lot about them leaving. It is all happening so fast. The other coach is leaving in like 3 weeks or so. The coach that took over their classes is a really good coach and i like her but it just isnt the same. Class doesnt seem as fun or goofy. we worked really hard with the coach who is moving but he was HILARIOUS...i love it....but this coach is trying to incorporate some ideas i am giving her but she doesnt get it as much. So, what I am thinking is tell her what we did with our other coach and really hope she will try to do things like the other coach. The coaches moving are like parents for me, i look like i could be their kid as well, their kids are like my sisters. I know how you feel and lets just hope they do well when they move and things get better with the other coach. I know exactly how you feel, you're really sad and feel like nothing will be the same.
To RaeRae

Oh my goodness thank you that's exactly how I feel and I cry a lot about it too! Well there's only 17 girls on my whole team so it's a small gym. And I don't know if we're getting another coach? Becuz where my gym is there's only one more gym around my area. And my coach who is leaving in a couple days now :( is graduating college and got a scholarship to Oklahoma to go to grad school and that's where her family lives. We're like sisters and she's just a really funny person and I've spent the night at her house before and when our hair is up in a ponytail we look like we could be sisters. And am gonna miss her so much. But the good side is I might be able to go and visit her in the summers. It's just such a hard change to go through. I've known her for 1yr and a 1/2 and we've just clicked. But it's good to know that I'm not the only one going through this alone right now.:)
to onewholuvsbars

When i read that I was like, yes someone who knows exactly what i am going through too...My coach is leaving in 11 days and i want the days to go by sssooo slow, and I am going to be able to visit them at least but they are moving to Wisconsin and that is really far away from where i live and it is so hard. i am glad that we know there is someone going through the same exact thing as me. I guess things will get better, eventually, even though it seems like nothing will get better but I guess it will and I am totally hoping it is. Things get hard sometimes and that is when friends and family are there for you. feel free to talk to your parents and friends, i find it really hard to talk to my coaches about it because i am afraid i will just start bawling, even though sometimes i actually can talk to them about it. I hope things get better!
I hope things get better with you too! And wish you the best with your gymnastics! My coach's last day is tomorrow:(.

Tell your coach to join The Chalk Bucket. Then you can still chat online.;) Rae Rae's coach is on here all the time (he's the cool guy:rotfl:).
some good times to remember

Tell your coach to join The Chalk Bucket. Then you can still chat online.;) Rae Rae's coach is on here all the time (he's the cool guy:rotfl:).

It is a great way to keep in touch. Ya, my coach is pretty cool! haha...Bamboo:p :rotfl: ah, good times...I am sorry tomorrow is your coaches last day. I wish her luck in her new area and I hope your gymnastics goes well too! Do you compete? Just remember all the fun times. You could probably call, text, IM, and e-mail your coach too! Hope everything will be somewhat normal...

p.s. My coach is one here all the time but yet he still has time to make up new sports, such as RAE RAE THROWING!! HAHAHA:laughing: :rotfl:
Well I don't know if she'll do it, but I 'll try to see if she will she's not really into computers and I don't even think she even has a e-mail address. I do compete so it's gonna be werid not having her there at the meets in the fall. Or having any input on my floor and beam routines I'm gonna miss that!
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My daughter is almost seven and we just found out her coach is going into the navy in August. My daughter is just starting the team in a few weeks. I am concerned with how she will take it. She does not do well with other coaches. I have told her that she needs to try with other coaches. This coach has been her biggest supporter in 4 years. I am not going to tell her until a few weeks before. Is that a good idea?

omg! i have the same problem as rae rae! well its the same coach! that sucks sooo bad! i am going to miss them soo much! ahhh! :( :( :( :( :(
Medic---I would start introducing the idea of her coach leaving sooner than later. One thing about gyms is that nothing remains a secret or quiet all that long. I think it would be better coming from you than something she is told by another child at practice. You can certainly tell her you will also miss her coach and plan on how to keep in touch----email/letters/pics etc. Maybe she could be the one to plan a going away party at the gym? Also it will give her some time to talk with her coach and get some "pep talks" before there is the last minute crunch.

The kids get very attached to many of their coaches and the seperation is so hard. Hopefully you and the coach can work together to make it a little easier for her.
Gym law-
I actually threw the idea out today and asked her if she would still love gymnastics without her coach and she said that she loves gymnastics no matter who she is wth..but still loves her coach also. Its hard because she was hand picked by this coach to move up. This coach has always advocated for her. I hope they transition the kids. I am going to insist upon it. I think the going away party is a great idea.Thanks
hey guys

I just had a going away party at my gym and everyone had a great time. we caught up with people that we hadn't seen for a while that we really like. here is what we did:
we had the coaches that are moving make the guest list and we called everyone on it and got all the food, etc.
we also brought sand toys and footballs, soccer balls, basketball, etc. we had a great time and the coaches and everyone else really appreciated it. i am not looking forward to the goodbye, it is going to be a very hard thing to do. i do not know how well their daughter (2) is going to take it when she realizes Rae Rae isnt going to be at gymnastics and she cant go over to Rae Rae's house to play very often. She is such a sweetheart and I love her so much. She is pretty much my sister. I wish they didn't have to leave. :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

My coaches left and it sucks so much. I love them so much and they are gone. I miss them so much and I am missing the girls grow up and that makes me so sad. I miss them so much and it sucks because there is nothing I can do about it. I know they didn't want to make me hurt so much when they left but I just wish there was another way. Another way that would allow them to stay. I miss them so much.:( :bawling: :gloomy: that one is what my days are like a lot

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