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i have a prep op. who is a very good dancer and needs new floor music. she likes things like the pirates of the caribbean but i am afraid it will be too popular. any suggestions?
Check out Link Removed for floor music resources.

One of my favorite orchestral tracks is Jenova Returns by Steffan Andrews.

You can take a look at my website and see if my compositional services interest you. Orchestral music isn't really my forte, but depending on what sort of time frame you're looking at and how specific your needs are, I may be willing to take a crack at an original piece for you.

If you want something completely over-the-top epic and dramatic, I recently did a vocal-less edit of Ghost Love Score by Nightwish that I'll send you if you want it. My request, though, is that if you use it, you mention my website to your coaches.
i enjoy listening to floor music and i think that certain "scary music" is really beautiful...what i do is go on itunes and type in a movie such as dead silence and listen to clips (my favorite is main titles/ family album) and they are beautiful and powerful at the same time...then there are similar albums as an option and i am on there for a long time!!

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