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Hello this site was recommended by a fellow gym mom. Hope to find parents with similiar issues as me. I live in Nothern BC Canada where we and have only 1 gymnastic club. I am on our board of directors, and am treasurer and responsible for employee evaluations, and leotard purchases and numerous fundraising ideas. I would love to find out how other clubs are fundraising in smaller communities. We currently need to raise $15,000 to fill our foam pit. Our current foam has disintegrated and is unsafe! So far we have $2000.00 dollars after many months of fundraising. Most of this came from us putting on a performance with the Ollerup gymnasts from Sweden. We were sooo lucky to have them come to our small area:)! We made about $500.00 from a used book sale but thats it to date. Any ideas welcome!
hmmm, I have seen gyms raise the funds for new spring floors by selling each spring.....don't suppose someone could get creative and think up a novel way
to "fund" foam blocks? How much does each block cost? Maybe people could get
"their" block in their choice of color (if they come in colors) or they could paint a face on it?. Or maybe you could raffle off "pit drops" and let people win blocks of time in the pit w/the new foam blocks???

then there is always a "spaghetti feed" or a "pancake breakfast". Auction off gymnasts to do specific chores such as baby sitting or washing windows, etc
First of all welcome to the CB, nice to see our Canuck contingent growing!

I come from small town Quebec and my girls are in a very small gym, we have one fundraiser a year the money all goes to equipment. We sell chocolate, ick, I hate it but it sells.

We don't have a pit, I am officially jealous!! It is very hard to fundraise in small towns as parent s, family and neighbours are being hit up for money all the time. Also in this very tough economic climate wallets are full of cobwebs not money.

A few ideas though, can you approach your municipality for a grant for the club, some banks also offer grants for sports clubs.

Check out these links...
Grants - Gaming Information and Services
Bell Canada Enterprises :: Volunteering in Community Sport

I totally empathise small town living is fun but there are certainly many challenges too.

Hope you stick around here for a while.
We are in Ontario. I was prez. at our previous club and set this program up there, now our current club is doing this as well - it's nice cause it doen't involve any out of pocket $$ for anybody and friends/family etc can also participate. I think it is available across the country. feel free to pm me about it... here's the link:

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When I was in primary school we used to do a cake raffle each week. There was a roster that you could sign up for and when it was your family's week you baked a cake and brought it to the school assembly on Friday. Kids could buy raffle tickets in class for 20 cents per ticket. The raffle was then drawn at the end of the assembly.
I think it was pretty easy to organise and it was good fun! Maybe you could try something along these lines. I'm not sure how much money we raised but it must have been decent because we kept it up for a couple of years.

Our gym club sells chocolates when we fundraise. On the upside it's fairly easy for the club to organise and we make heaps of money but only if you manage to sell a decent amount of chocolates. it's good when high school kids can take them to school and sell them (I used to be able to sell a box of 40 freddo frogs in less than a day!!) but now schools are cracking down and starting to ban it because so many people bring them to school to sell

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