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DD competed at Gaspirilla yeaterday it was a huige meet. The said the biggest in the US. There were kids in level 2 compeiting from the Bahamas. The judges were tough. She started on vault with a 9.4. She placed 6th because of ties in first and fourth. On beam she got on the beam the wrong side and got turned around. She got a 8.25. Bars she had two falls and three spots bc of the falls and got 6.5. On floor she has a fall and got 7.75. I thought she was better then that. She was just happy she got a medal on vault. She was last overall. She has another meet theis weekend and is looking forward to it.
Medic- I sure her next meet will be better, don't be discouraged. Sometimes a meet just goes horribly wrong. It's the same way that some days at practice are just bad days. A perfect meet seldom happens and when it does, you just have to enjoy the moment. Hopefully your dd's "perfect" meet will come next week! Good luck!
Well, in spite of the other events, a 9.4 on vault is awesome! She should be very proud of that.
Gasparilla is a huge meet and sometimes the venue can be overwheliming for the little guys. She will do great next time.
She was so excited that she placed on vault she did not care about the rest of the events.
Yeah for vault;) That is an awesome score and a good meet overall too.
We have a meet this weekend too. It is a big one and a pretty much a pre state meet since everyone who will be at state will be at our meet next weekend.
Medic - I think her scores were pretty good - 8.25 on beam w/ getting turned around etc is still good. Vault was Awesome !!!

DD has a meet on Sunday in Wilmington NC. I think this one may be pretty big (compared to the ones she has done so far). I am a little worried because she missed all last week w/ flu then the start of pneumonia :(- luckily we caught that quick and w/ in 36 hours of antibiotics she is back to her old self - less 3 lbs !! - which she only weighed 46 to begin w/ so that is NOT good. I am hoping the missed week will not hurt her too much.

good luck to yours next weekend as well.
Wow, great score on vault! She must have been thrilled with placing at such a large meet. Good luck to her this weekend!

My dd has meet this weekend too, with an unfortuanate 8:00 a.m. session start. Ugh.

Great job on vault. Some girls have bad days and then the next meet they are rite back where they use too be. That meet is big and she did great!
We were at Gasparilla Too

My daughter competed as Level 4 - very tough on scoring!! One of our new team parents (transferred from a different gym)said that her daughter received better scores when she competed USAG.

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