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Geoffrey Taucer

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EDIT: Since I've been doing a lot of filming lately, and I figured it would be slightly less narcissistic of me to just post them all in one thread rather than clogging up the boards with a new video every time I have something I want to post. So all my future videos will be posted in this thread.

Anyway, here's the original post:


Tried this on a whim on pit vault, and despite tucking early and not being able to get as much block as I'd like from this setup, it actually came out surprisingly well.

Not much I can do with it now, but I think I'm gonna play with it into a pit next time I go to woodward, and see if I might be able to pull it off over a real table onto a real landing surface.
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Cool...keep up the hard work.

I'm really excited about this one, especially since it's not in FIG. Yet.
New video: the Thomas Full.

Removed from the code of points, banned in competition because it's considered to dangerous.


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