Interviewing for management position - salary question?

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I am going to be interviewing for a gym management position. I have a Bachelor's and a Master's degree in business administration. I have experience in finance/accounting, human resources, and sales. I was a gymnast for 8 years and danced for 15 years.

I am wondering how much I should expect in terms of salary. I currently earn $27/hour at my corporate job (dislike corporate America though). The owner I'm interviewing with has a couple different gyms that they own in the area (so it appears that they are pretty profitable).

Thanks in advance! interview is this week...any insight would be great...
You could Google "Salary Survey" for comparable posisitions in your area. Also google and read up on the Gym Owner, and his/her company. Read everything you can about thier successes and failures. Try to find problems or area of concern that you could improve.

Good Luck on your interview!
I have done so many Google searches...the only comparison I can find is "office staff" which is definitely not the position I'm interviewing for. I will use your suggestion on read up on the Gym Owner. Thanks!
I doubt they will offer you 27, maybe 22-25, perhaps 20 or lower.

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