Level 3 beam deductions

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Hi, my daughter competes usag level 3. In her meet today she started on the wrong side of the beam. She saluted the judges put her hands on the beam and did her front support then realized she would be facing the end of the beam once she swung her leg over so she stopped, and went around to the other side, saluted again and started her routine. She did a great routine and usually scores between an 8.8 and a 9.1 but today scored an 8.2. The rest of the team scores weren't overly high or low so I assumed they had taken a large deduction for restarting her routine. When I asked the coach what the deduction was she said there wouldn't have been one because she hadn't actually gotten on the beam yet. Has anyone come across this before?? Is there a deduction since she touched the beam???:confused: Thank you
Well I do not know what the exact deduction for this may have been, I would tell your daughter that if it happens again, just swing the opposite leg over the beam and keep on going. That mount is not SO difficult that most level 3's could not just use their other leg to swing over at the beginning.

And, I would have to check the manual to make sure, but many skills CAN be reversed. As in, a "righty" can do a left leg swing on the mount and vice versa. Our manual is at they gym so I cannot check right now, but maybe someone else knows for sure.
Well, if she saluted, touched the beam and started the mount she began the routine. Now, USAG 3 is supposed to be introductory competitive, and I have met some judges at events of this level who might let the girl re-salute and start over, regardless of whether that's strictly "by the rules." But if the gymnast begins the exercise, gets down, and restarts the exercise, she fell off the apparatus. Plus go form deductions for both attempts. Probably about .5 for the fall, maybe another .1 extra than usual to account for form on two attempts. Would bring it in line with her usual score.
I totally agree with Gymdog. She had a fall which cost her -.50. Any form problems would also be deducted.

Nevertooold is absolutely right. Just swing the other leg! :)

A Lesson Learned! One of many to come!
I am not a judge, but I timed beam last year at the meet our gym hosts. I was told by the judge that as soon as the gymnasts feet leave the floor, the timer should be started. If they fall, the time should stop and start again once they are back on the beam and restart the routine. So, the judge should have considered that as a fall b/c her feet had already left the floor.
As a Judge I would have deducted this as a fall due to the fact she touched the beam. Once a gymnasts salutes/presents and touches the apparatus, this has started the routine. It is no different than doing an element on the beam and falling off. This is a hard lesson to learn for the younger gymnasts.
skfleming255 is exactly right, the routine technically starts when the gymnasts feet leave the ground, not necessarily when she touches the beam. As her feet left the ground she would be deducted for a fall (.5) for coming back down and starting again.

Level 3s do stuff like that all the time. This weekend I had a Level 3 who came to my table and waved hello to me after she finished her vault, instead of saluting, because her coach said "say HI to the judge" to try and prompt her to salute. So super cute:)
theres definetly a deduction. im not positive, but i think its .5 because it counts as a fall but im not sure, and that would make sense seeing that ur daughters average is 8.8-9.1.
Maybe there was something later on in the routine that deducted some points. Did she walk on the beam to the other end, or did she walk on the mats? If she walked on the beam, the judges may have thought that was supposed to be part of the routine. But my best guess is something later on. Usually at meets, you can ask someone to explain all your deductions and they will tell you. Good luck! =)

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