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Can you do a regular clear hip without the handstand and giants in the same routine or because you have giants in the routine do you have to hit the vertical handstand? I have tried reading the book but it makes very little sense to me.
oh goodness, I hope not! I think you need 2 - 360* circling elements - they can be the same or different & one of them has to be out of group 3,6,or7(?) the clear hip is the most popular skill. I don't have the book in front of me but I think if you hit handstand it's a "C" skill but most judges won't deduct for it from what I understand. I could be way off but I'm pretty sure I've got that right. I have 2 girls doing kip, clear hip (not to handstand), kip, squat on, kip, giant, giant, flyaway so if you hear that they do have to hit handstand please let me know! The rest of my girls just do kip, clear hip, clear hip, kip, squat on, kip, cast, flyaway.
can they do a sole circle to the high bar as a cicling element? Our girls do it as one, instead of the squat on.

Also what would an uprise count as, and is is ever used?
By sole circle do you mean they go all the way around the bar then up to the high bar? If so, I believe that does not count as a "circling" skill, and I believe (at least in the upper levels) they will get deducted for a "rhythm break" if they do it (also called an around the world or monkey giant--if that's the skill you're talking about). I'm not 100% sure on whether or not it's a circling skill--it also depends on whether or not we're talkinga bout the same skill.

Or by sole circle do you mean where they put their feet on the bar in straddle, swing down under the low bar (with feet on the bar), release, and catch the high bar? If that's the case, again, I do not think it's a circling skill because it does not go around 360 degrees.

An uprise is a way of getting to handstand without using the kip cast handstand route; it will also serve as a particular skill (letter value skill requirement in 8/9/10--I believe it's a C if you go to handstand). It's not quite as popular as the kip cast hanstand, but it is still used.

Hopefully that was helpful.
One of the circling elements must be a "B" 3/6/7. i.e. a clear hip/stalder/toe-on to clear support. Any of these "B" elements which are perfomed with enough amplitude (to handstand) to be considered a "C", they will still count as a "B" for a Level 7.

A "toe circle" does not count...that is an "A", but there is no deduction for performing one...in fact, it can count as on of the 5 A's.

A handstand is not a requirment in Level 7, but an "A" cast (to 45 degrees above horizontal) is a special requirement. Without that cast, .5 is taken from the start value.

A giant may serve as the second " B circling element." It doesn't matter how the gymnast gets in/out of the giant.

The only other requirement is a salto dismount. 5 A's, 2 B's and you're all set.

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