Level 7 Floor Dance Series Connection?

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Hallo! DD has been working her L7 floor routine for awhile, and has hit a snag...she can't seem to score above 9.2 due to lack of 180 degree split in her dance series connection (split leap to jump)...sometimes she gets partial points off, other meets she loses the entire element. She DOES have two other leaps in her routine that are 180 (straddle and switch leg leap) and has a few options from her coaches to change her routine. Would one of these options score higher (or lower) than the other? Would one be preferred over the other?:confused:

1. Switch leg leap to wolf/tuck jump/cat leap
2. Switch leg leap to stag leap
3. Switch leg leap to straight leg leap

They have left it up to her what she is comfortable with, which is great. But would two leaps fulfill the dance series connection element (vs a 180 leap and a jump)?

Thanks for the help from a newbie here!:)
all of those would fulfill the requirement if one leap hits 180 and she connects them.

if she is having trouble hitting 180 on her 1st leap (which is what I think your post says) I would stick w/ a non-splitting leap or jump for the 2nd element. (I use a wolf hop a lot in L7 so the athlete does not stop to do a wolf jump.)
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Also a 9.2 isn't a bad score either....

Thanks...I wish I could convince my gymnast of it! I think she's pleased with the score most of the time, but she feels like she's in a rut because all her other events are improving skill and score-wise each meet. Like my father used to say...TTT (things take time)

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