Malibu Coast Challenge meet report

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ok so i had my 3rd meet of the season and the last meet before states!! i felt like it was my best meet of the whole season

we started on bars i got a 8.775 with 2 sole circles so that was an extra .1 off. scoring was very unfair everone was very confused. some very bad routines got good scores. like a girl from another team got a 9 that should of been like an 8.5.:confused:everyone agreed that a lot of people ogt over scored and under scored.that was my best score bar score of the level 7 season.

beam- ive fell at the other 2 meets so my goal was just to stay on the beam.the other 2 meets i got 8.5 with i wasnt suprised with i 9 and i did a split jump and was off so i had to do it again so it was like .1 and 1/2 with that wobble.highest score on beam:)

floor-judging was very low. a girl on my team should of gotten a 10 start value but it was a 9.7 and her score should of been like an 8.4 but it was a 7.9:eek: she deserved better. at the other 2 meets i got a 9.5 and a 9.1 so i wanted a 9 but i got a 8.950 sooo close.that was my lowest score on floor all season.

vault-i got a 8.650 i thought that was the best vault ive done in a i was expecting higher and so did everyone else.:(

i thought this was my best perfomance at a meet all season so i didnt really care about the stop states!!!!did any one else go to the Malibu Coast Challenge???


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