Meet # 3 Report!!!!!!! :D

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So...... It was not a very good meet for me, I think I could do better. The Judges were the harshest I had ever had before. The meet was very disorganised, and some were being judged unfairly.Anyway, here is my scores. They are in the order I competed.

Beam- 8.900-no place
Floor: 8.975-3rd place
Vault: 8.450-no place- my lowest vault score ever:eek:
Bars:9.300- First Place!!!!:D:D

AA: 35.325- 3rd place
Team AA: First Place!!!!
Hey Gymgrl111 -

your team did great yesterday - wish I had been able to say hello. I thought the vault judges were judging pretty hard. We had some scores we thought were lower than they should be but then after talking to the coach she was able to explain them. My DD scored an 8.6 on beam and I could not figure out why since it looked pretty good. But when I watched the video later - I am pretty sure she did not get credit for her snap turn as she was not up in releve all the way around and her foot stopped short of coming all the way around.

Anyway - Congrat's to your team on their first place finish (DD's team was in 2nd place right behind ya :D ) You guys did great and should be very proud.

I don't think your scores were bad. 3rd AA is great. You should be proud.
SOme great and some other eh? Nice job on floor. It is always good to have tough judges too, reminds us of how subjective this sport is.

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