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home from a fun weekend. Alex had a meet in Cape Girardeau MO at Southeast Missouri State University. Her big brother goes to school there.We went up on Friday to watch the college girls compete. It was very exciting! A girl from our gym now competes for SEMO but is injured right now so was not competing that night. The girls were totally amazed by the college competition.
Alex competed at 8 Saturday morning. She is usually not nervous before a meet but her big brother was watching for the first time and that made her nervous! There is a video attached

First up was vault. She did a nice vault both times! Score 7.9! Huh? Any way the vault scoring was brutal! The highest score of the day was an 8.55! So it was consistently low across the board! No place

Next was bars! The best routine she has EVER done!! 9.45!! Good enough for 2nd place!! WooooHoooo

Then beam.....a few wobbles but stuck the cartwheel!!! YEAH!!! 8.85! Best score of the season!!! No place

Last was floor....was looking soooo solid but got behind the music. She then started rushing to catch up with the music and her form then took a hike! LOL!! 8.5. No place

Her AA score was 34.7, good enough for 6th place. She was really hoping for a 35 but the vault scoring made sure that was not going to happen. Very few 35's at this meet and not even 1 36.

Now to my question. Alex bends her back leg when going into her handstand on beam and her cartwheel on beam. Is there a deduction for this? Also, any ideas for her to help her stop doing this? She honestly doesn't realize she is doing it and she says the coaches do not correct her on it ever.

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No advice on the handstand and cartwheel on beam. But I think she did a wonderful job. Im sure she was just tickled pink to be showing off her stuff in front of big brother. Sounds like she had a wonderful meet even with the harsh vault judging. So close to her 35 goal. She has to look at it as NO ONE got a 36, so a 34.7 is nothing to bat an eye at. Those dang judges just were not wearing their happy pants that Congrat to her on beam and getting her best score yet. Way to go.
Thanks! She was very close to her 35 and she had a ton of fun. She met up with girl she went to summer gymnastics camp with so it was a great weekend. I realized after we got back that I did not record her bar routine! I do that ALOT! I think I am recording and then realize that I did not hit the record button. UGGGHHHH!!!!
Way to go, Alex!!! How old is she? She looks about the same age as Kathy. Kathy is also a level 5 and turns 10 next month. So far this season her highest score has been a 31.7 (though it gets a little higher every meet and she still has 3... possibly 4... to go), so a 34.6 sounds amazing to me!
She did great! She reminds me a lot of my daughter!!! I didn't notice a big bend in her leg on the HS/cartwheel...I am sure there is some kind of deduction, there is for everything! (sigh).

Her BHS is very, very nice (I have BHS envy for my daughter, she just cannot get the thing cleaned up it seems)! Her vault looks a lot like my daughter's, who is also having trouble getting out of the 7's. I think your DD is blocking a little bit better. I hate Level 5 vault!!!! Her AA score is really impressive for a meet when vault scoring was super low. Her bars must have really been awesome...a 9.45 wow! Congrats to her!
Alex is a very pretty girl, and let me just say, I really love the green and black and silver leo...very sharp! I thought her vault looked pretty good, so who knows what they were thinking? 7.9 seems quite low. Her beam and esp. floor looked really great, though! Congrats to her! And awesome score for bars!! (I've done that before with the vid, too...don'tcha just HATE that!?!)
woohoo go Alex :) awesome meet :) nice handstand and cartwheel on beam and very nice and clean bhs' on floor :) i thought the vault score was very low :/
Thanks everyone so much! She has improved soooo much this season! She started the season with 30's and 31's. I am so proud of her!!
Wow, it sounds like she has come a long way! She did a great job! I also thought her vault was worthy of a higher score, but what do I know? LOL
Congrats to her on a great meet!
She looked great on beam! I didn't notice a big bend in her leg on her handstand or cartwheel either. Do you mean while her leg is still on the beam before she goes into the skill? I don't think that is a deduction. Sorry you missed bars - must have been an awesome routine!!

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