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Ok, I'll get straight to the point...I can't find any music I like! Ok, thats not entirely true because I do like the song Tokyo Drift (instrumental) by the Teryaki Boyz (hehe funny name!) but since it's a looped song it's not long enough. I need suggestions for fast, electronica, hip hopish music, that I can cut to go with Tokyo Drift. I advise listening to it on youtube, because that's exactly the type of music I want-fast and furious!

Thank you Everyone!

(oh yeah, heres a link to the song if you want to hear it!)
there are lots of songs with that type of feel at floor music express

They have lots of techo, hip hop and high energy floor music
Have you ever heard Bond? What about the Cirque du Soleil soundtracks, Riverdance, or some ballet music? There are a lot of good instrumental pieces out there. And you can cut your music on Windows Movie Maker.
I found the website and DD liked some stuff there after listening to about 200 songs on floor express. LOL

Also we looked at got the link from here. They sent a free demo CD.

Best of luck keep looking there is a lot out there. Some is just hidden. You will find something.

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