Parents Popular Floor Music???

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My DD is getting ready to select her floor music. She has her heart set on something from Hairspray, leaning toward Ladies Choice.

She had great floor music the first 2 years of optionals. Never heard it at any meet we were ever at. And the music suit her upbeat, bubbly personality perfectly. She did a version of "I'm A Believer".

Here is my worry: Is this going to be wildly Popular? The cut is off the newest Floor Music Express CD.

2 of her teammates had music from last years Floor Music Express CD we heard their music at everysingle meet last year! Somtimes twice.

Should we care? Should we look for something different? Or should she just have what she wants regardless of the popularity?

all opinions welcome!
I think she should just do what she likes. I think it is really important for the gymanst to love their music and be able to feel it. If others have it so goes it. there is however a lot to be said for orginal stuff maybe someone who knows music will know something similar beetle would like also. Best wishes:eek:

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