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What a week, Cate has States this weekend and my dd who never, never gets sick is running a 103 temp with the flu!!! She came down with it after her meet on Sunday, I knew something was wrong when she took a 3 hour nap Sunday afternoon! And she has been out of school 2 days and missed pratice tonight. She is secure in her routines so I hope if I just get her healthy we should be ok, but right now that seems like such an if. She hates to miss school and hates to miss practice even more!

We are doing lots of fluids and rest but does anyone have any suggestions on help to keep up her strength? She's worried that her coach will be mad at her for missing practice, I assured her that he would be madder if he got what she has!

It is strange to see her down with this flu, my youngest is constantly complaining about something, but Cate is just never, ever sick. Hope somone out there has a good idea because this Mom is clean out of ideas.

Wish us luck, Sunday seems to be creeping up on us too fast!
Get well soon vibes to your baby:( Emily got a fever on Sunday night after the meet.
And I hope she is all better by States and best of luck to her. I can't wait to here how she did either. I know she will rock at States:)
I am sure her coach just wants her healthy and better rather than at practice. My daughter hates to miss practice too. She missed yesterday at school and 1/2 day today. She felt better after lunch today so I took her to school since her state assessments were this afternoon and her fever broke early in the morning without meds so I sent her off to school so she won't have to make them up. She only has tomorrow for school this week anyway because we are starting our spring break Thursday...
I hope that Cate (and Emily!) get better soon! I say a lot of rest and try to keep those fluids in her and some really good homemade chicken soup/broth if she doesn't want to eat yet.

We aren't big into medicine around here but we always have Link Removed around for cold and flu season and lots of vitamin C. We are rarely sick for more than a few days and I am POSITIVE my DH had the real flu a few years ago and he was up and running in 2 days.

We get ours at Sprouts, but probably available at similar places, Whole Foods, places with alternative type meds/herbs, etc. Also available online.

And it has some research to back it up. Tastes good, too.

I seriously recommend this stuff. We use it when we have a head cold/ the flu (not stomach flu though). Best taken at first sign of symptoms. We only use the Sambucol brand around here. It tastes kind of like blackberry syrup. Yum.

And quoted from one of those articles..."On average, flu patients given elderberry recovered in 3.1 days, compared to 7.1 days for those given a placebo. In a previous published study, 90% of flu patients taking Elderberry were completely free of symptoms in 2 to 3 days, as compared to 6 days with a placebo."
I'm not sure I would use this for children, but perhaps I would if I could keep close observation of them. I have used it for myself with high success.

Basically, it may sound nutty, but I would do what I could to increase my body temperature. Hot/cold showers, spa or sauna usage and I would lay in my waterbed ( which is very useful with this ) and put blankets on top of my covers. My purpose was to increase my body temperature to help my fever burn it out.

However, I would also drink lots of water as that much sweating was necessary. Besides the fever, I would get quite lucid with some weird dreams during the sleeping under the covers ( which generally wasn't for a long duration before I would drink more water, hot/cold shower, or have to use the bathroom ).

Besides that was taking in a lot of fruits. While I used to drink the Tropicana Vit C+, I would reccomend any unpasteurized or homemade orange juice, apple juice, etc instead besides fresh fruit. I tend to eat like a horse when sick anyways though it's difficult ( because no one likes to eat when you're so sick it isn't fun ).

Just my two bits.
Chill a fever.... try to limit clothing/blankets as much as possible with her fever... not too many warm soups & make sure you kill it with tylenol & motrin. If it is stomach flu, have her try a little peppermint tea - and of course all that you are already doing with the R&R and fluids.... poor cate - I am sending her well wishes!

Missing practice is rough, but she could not do her best right now... better to stay at home so that she can bring it for states - GOOD LUCK TO HER!!!!
I hope that both girls feel better soon! My daughter hasn't been feeling the greatest this week either. I make sure she takes her vitamin and lots of vitamin c so it doesn't last as long. They need lots of rest. My daughter had fever last year at meet and did great. She insisted on competeing, she didnt want to let anyone down.
I hope she feels better soon as well. my dd missed a week of school & practice w/ flu / pnuemonia - lost 2.5 lbs - that she did not have to lose and 2 weeks later still tires easily.

wish I could be more helpful --lots & lots of rest.
We use Sambucol at our house also. My dd chiropractor gave us some. It is safe and works great follow the directions about empty stomach as you get the most use of it. It is the only thing that has worked for my daughter and she has tried lots of supplemts. Best of luck to you
Thanks for the great suggestions and the good wishes. Good news is that her fever broke and she is much better, in fact she is going to practice tonight although I am going to request limited activity. I took your suggestion and found the Sambucol at a local health food store. She has had two doses so far and she seems to like it. If it helps her feel better faster I will be so happy! I had to pay list price (almost) but I didn't want to wait to have it shipped. If it works believe me I will order more right away.

The next few days we will make sure shes rested and eating the right foods and I hope that she will be her old self by Sunday night. She is normally such an active child it was just shocking to see her down for so long. This years flu is just the worst, my whole family has been suffering this week.

This is one of the things that I love about this site, there are so many good parents out there willing to help with suggestions. And just the good wishes made us both feel better. Thanks again!
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I was so sorry to hear that Cate's been sick... bad timing all the way around! Well, here it is Wednesday and if she's feeling better, she'll probably be just fine for the State competition this weekend! We'll be thinking about her and wishing her the best! Can't wait to see the videos!

Glad to hear Cate is feeling better. She really needs to take it easy the rest of the week and that may mean cutting back on a few routines on each event in practice and getting as much rest as possible. Thing is they get over the worst symptons and do feel better, but that virus has strained her system. She may find on Sunday, she is just a little more tired than normal at a meet, but maybe the adrenaline of being at states will carry her through.

This has been a nasty year for the flu and alot of our team girls have been sick and missed a week or so. Mine was really knocked out with it---no fever, but developed and inner ear infection.
Glad to hear Cate is feeling better. She really needs to take it easy the rest of the week and that may mean cutting back on a few routines on each event in practice and getting as much rest as possible.

gym law mom- You are so right, she will definately take it easy this week. I sent a note to her coach to let him know what has been going on, typically he will let them pratice their routines first and then rest till the next event. I told her to call me immediately if she felt it was too much for her, or if there was any problem.

I am hopefull because she asked for dinner, and made a special request for brussell sprouts, one of her fav's, so thats a good sign. I'm making carrots too so I am sure she will be eating well. A nice big salad and a smoothie and I think she will be ready for bed. Luckily she has been able to keep up on her homework.

Thanks so much for the good advice. I love this community, there are alot of big hearts out there!
just to let you know, we always have sambucol around the house. at the first signs of a cold or flu, we start to take it. it works better that way. :D i like that it tastes good. i love alternative medicine, but some of the things taste soo icky.

glad she is feeling better.
Glad to hear that everyone is feeling better!

We are healthy in our house (knock on wood) but DD is going Skiing for School Tomorrow. She has her final meet on Saturday (Same as gym monkeys mom, we need a 45 to make state). I am worried that she will get hurt! Or be sore/tired on Saturday.

But we have to let them be kids, that is what I am telling myself! She will remember going skiing with her classmates! That is what being a kid is all about right?

Good luck to Everyone competing this weekend, especially those of you at State!
Sorry I posted this on another thread.:D

Rough State Meet

Well States are over and it wasn't everything that Cate hoped for. It started out great on vault. She did her best vault of the season and scored a 9.375 good for 2nd. Then on bars she made her connection again and scored a 7.950, her second highest score of the season, and only the second time she made her squat on connection.​

Then it was on the beam, another major bobble on the full turn, but again she stayed on the beam. Got a 8.975. I thought that she might salvage a pretty good meet, she is always strong on floor, but tonight things just didn't go right. She lost her focus I think and she got way off the beat, this is something that has never happened. She tried to catch up but then I think it made things worse, she ended with a major step-out, and I could see she was devistated. Lowest score of the season at 8.6.​

I tried to cheer her up, but it was a losing battle. Many of the girls had a rough night, and her coach who I normally find little fault with picked tonight to let them have it. Most of the girls have already repeated level 6 so they are so looking forward to moving to level 7. He told them tonight that if they don't get their giants and their cast handstands they won't be moving. Now not to mention that they haven't even worked them since November when the season started, but he knows these girls, they are harder on themselves than he could ever be. I just thought it was a low blow, for a group of girls who were already dissapointed with themselves.​

In his defense he had just spent 3 solid days of state meet coaching between the level 4's and the 6's but I wish he would have waited till the next practice to start in on this. So the season is over for us, I wish for Cates sake she had had a better finish but it is what it is. I will keep encouraging her in any way I can. Good luck to every one who still has States ahead of them
Part 2

Things Look Brighter after a Little Sleep
:DWell after a good night sleep and some taking with friends, Cates attitude is a lot better today. I am so glad that she is feeling better about the meet and the season in general. Cate repeated Level 6 this year and it was good for her. It has been a solid year working on form and artistry and her routines have really shown the work. I was just hoping that a bad end to the meet wouldn't sour the whole experience.

As for the rules about moving up. The rule at our gym has always been 2 35+ AA scores or two years a a level. As parents we always thought it was fair, easy to understand and quantifiable. Then two years ago they changed the rules for 1 girl who moved though level 6 after competing one meet as a 6 and she didn't score a 35 at that meet. This was a talented little 9 year old and she did have that perfect little tumbling/flexible body. So be it, she moved up and the rest of us followed the rules. The level 7's moved up without their giants, and all but one got them before competition. Well after a second year at 7, mostly due to injuries, that one still doesn't have her giants. This may be one of the major reasons hey are saying what they are saying.

I know after two years at 6 Cate is getting bored. She does work ahead at practices, and all her other events are strong. On floor she has her layout, her half, her front hanspring pike, and is perfecting her full. On beam she has her BWO BWO, her cartwheel back, and is working on her baclkwalkover flipflop, and her switch series. Her vault is strong as shown at states, so it's all about the bars. I think we will try working with some other coaches at open gyms to see if there is some help out there. I want her to have her giants prior to competition, I just want things to be a little more predictable. The move up rules I stated are actually printed in the gym handbook.

I love our gym and our coaches. I think it's a great enviornment to learn gymnastics. But just like the good school my kids go to, occasionally a child needs a little extra help in one class. Does that make sense? It's hard where we live because we only have 1 gym. When we were in St. Louis there were 6 or 7 within a half hour of where we lived. Cate will be 13 this year so our goals are definately somewhat lower than some of you with younger kids. She wants to get to level 10 and her dream is to compete in college.If she continues to love the sport and stays healthy I hope she can get there.

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