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I need help thinking of new ideas to help a kid do swivel hips.

One of my gymnasts is really strugling with getting her swivel hips. She's 7 years old but not super tiny. I currently have her doing seat drop 1/2 turn to feet to another immediate seat drop, and she is doing this very well. Whenever I tell her to do exactly what she just did without letting her feet touch she still lands on her feet and sometimes messes up the twisting.

If anyone has any ideas for other drills or something different to say to her that will make it all click, it would be greatly apreciated.
Jump, 1/2 turn to seat drop. Focus that the feet don't go around the side but come from underneath the body.

Big seatdrops to get more time to do things. I try teach the kids what I call a super seat drop for fun. Really, all they do is jump, tuck and extend to the pike position in the air or jump and pike by the peak of the jump. Lot more bounce.

Just have to focus on completing the 1/2 turn before they pike into the second seat drop. It sounds like you are, but they just haven't figure it out yet.
swivel hips

We have an inground trampoline and we have two students stand on either side of the trampoline at the center holding a skipping rope. The student on the trampoline does a seat drop and as they come out of it to a stand they reach with straight arms and try to grab the skipping rope. We then add the half turn and the seat drop when they are ready.

Definitely try and get the gymnast to get a bigger bounce not because its needed, but because it makes it so much easier. From there tell the gymnast to turn their feet in the opposite direction of the shoulders. So for example..if do seat drop and turn to the left with my upper body, i will turn my feet to the right and vise versa. This is technically how the swivel hip should be done, and it makes the second seat drop much more natural.
The problem is that often kids dont really stand up out of the seatdrop and they rush the swivel.

Hope that helps

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