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  1. M

    WAG Front Tuck Flip, how to envision hips and glutes

    I am working on the front tuck flip at gymnastics training center. How should I envision what I do with my glutes during the flip? Should I "think about lifting my glutes over my head" or lifting it over the shoulder? How do you train your students?
  2. emmagraced31

    WAG Hips twisting in aerials

    Hi I’m a former gymnast and a dancer who has been working on improving my side aerials and front aerials! My hips keep twisting and don’t want to stay square when I land my aerials do you have any tips or drills that might help this problem? I know I have naturally super flexible hips not sure...
  3. gymkayla

    WAG hips popping in middle splits

    Over quarantine, I've been trying to get more flexible because I struggle in that area. Splits have been fine but my middle splits or straddle is really bad. Whenever I try to stretch them my hips pop. Is this normal? And if it is not, what are some good stretches to do to improve this?
  4. C

    WAG Shifting wrists in free hips?

    Hello, I am struggling so much with my free hips. I get around, but my wrists get caught under the bar because I can’t figure out how to shift. I think that I dont do it enough or maybe at the wrong time. I cant get the hang of it and was wondering if anyone had any tips?
  5. H

    WAG Trouble with clear hips

    Hi. I am a level seven gymnast, and I will be competing a bar routine with giants. However, I need a clear hip in the routine as well, whether on low bar or high bar. I am able to do clear hips, however can't seem to get them over horizontal. I don't think I'm dropping fast enough into the...
  6. flipsandgrips15

    Coaches Help with clear hips!

    I have several gymnasts training clear hips right now & one of them is struggling. We are in a small gym with a very limited amount of mats & one set of bars so I'm limited on drills. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  7. coach1234

    Coaches closing hips when hand hit the vault

    I have a gymnast who goes onto the in a good shape on her front handspring but as soon as her hands hit the vault she closes her hips and pikes, is there any drills/conditioning that i can do to get the to stop this?
  8. S

    Coaches Pushaway Kips and Kipping Out of Clear Hips

    This is going to sound like a really stupid question, but I don't know the answer to it and the only way I will learn is to ask. :) When kids kip out of clear hips, I notice that as they come around the bar their toes come up to the bar in a deep pike before stretching out the glide and then...
  9. coachmolly

    Coaches Introducing Clear Hips

    Gathering ideas for some new lesson plans on bars and am curious what others have found to be the most successful way to introduce clear hips? This would be for level 4 skill level, no need to get the actual skill for a few months, but just start the process and help them start understanding the...
  10. dmbgymnast

    WAG Clear Hips

    I need some help with improving my clear hip. It just looks like a back hip circle without my hips on the bar. What are some tips for dropping more and getting higher abover the the bar in the "pop" back up? I have a video, if that's needed. :)
  11. Gymnast_Tor

    WAG Bruising on hips and worse

    Hey everyone :) recently, my routines on bars have been improving with requirements of higher casting. When I finally started casting high enough and then started working on baby Giants, I started getting more and more bruises on my hips. (Normal). Recently though, I keep getting blood blisters...
  12. Committed

    WAG hips popping/cracking- normal?

    DDs hips pop/crack like crazy when she's doing her press handstands. Sometimes she complains it hurts, while other times she's okay with it. Is all the snap, crackle, popping normal, or is she just doing it wrong? She's very flexible if that makes a difference.
  13. H

    Coaches Introducing clear hips

    With all this talk of clear hip drills, I was wondering how you introduce clear hips, how you explain them, an what drills you start with. This is my first season teaching the clear hip from the beginning, and I'm looking for all the help that I can get. Thanks!
  14. amblan01

    Bars bruise my hips so bad

    I know it's probably normal but sometimes when I let the bar hit my stomach area more it eases the pain instead of hitting the bones of my hips. They are always blue and purple and sting.
  15. E

    Parents Bruised Hips

    My oldest dd has been spending more time on the bar lately and had got some bruises on each hip as a result from doing casts, it is normal for this to happen and is there anything I can do to help her? On the upside dd as been told that she needs to have gloves, straps, wristbands and hand...
  16. Canadian_gym_mom

    WAG Funny observation about free hips and

    More proof that no matter how much I think I know about gymnastics, I really don't know much. :) It turns out that (in case you didn't know, lol), that a free hip and a clear hip are the same thing! So you guys have been talking about the new levels and I think level 5 they are doing clear...
  17. G

    Knees and Hips

    Not quite a gymnast question per se but relates to general fitness and such. Being a full time student I have rather bad posture at tables and chairs, leading to my poor back hurting all the time. No worries with that problem, saw my physio a couple of times and got some exercises. Not saying...
  18. Gymnasticstar

    Clear hips

    Hi, I need some help on my clear hip, I just can't get the right technique, any got any tips for the clear hip? X Sent from my iPad using ChalkBucket mobile app
  19. A

    WAG how do you get rid of bruises on your hips???

    im level 6 and im afraid to do my cast handstand to baby giant. my hips are covered in black ,blue,and purple bruises. im going to have a private with my head coach but does anybody have any tips for me??:(
  20. LiveLoveTumble

    Bruised hips - Please reply soon!

    I have problems with bruising my hips on bars. Usually I practice once a week for 2 hours. We are on bars for 30 minutes each time. I almost always end up with bruised hips (and for some reason, it is always way worse on the right side). I guess it is from casting so much, and when I get tired...

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