Parents The 2009 Chalkbucket Challenge is now ON!!!

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Welcome to the second annual Chalkbucket Challenge, after the amazing success of last years event it is certainly a thing to be repeated. Last years winner Mdgymmom is expected to kick butt again this year, but can we let her win again?

The Challenge is open to parents only. If other sub groups want a challenge of their own they can either make one up or copy ours.:)

Submissions are to be in the form of embedded videos.

Submissions can be a combination of jumps, leaps, turns or acrobatic elements.

Appropriate dress, yes the kids will be sneaking a peek for sure. Though costumes can be worn and will be greatly enjoyed by all.

No more than three alcoholic drinks are allowed for the parent, though the camera person can do as they wish.

If you have already stated that you are a former gymnast, we will be expecting big things from you.

Skills from L1-L6 USAG are all acceptable, for help go to Gymnastics Revolution - Gymnastics Interactive-Index - 203-798-8651 for ideas. Though individuality and creativilty will be rewarded and technical virtuosity will be much appreciated.

Closing date is October the 22nd. Judging will be done by a ridiculously unqualified and totally biased panel of judges. The winner will receive a hideous trophy, just like last year, you will also get to add your title to your signature. WOW!
Do you get extra credit if you injure yourself in the process?

How about handicap points for being over weight and out of shape??

Those 3 drinks will need to be shots!

Man Bog, you shouldn't have posted the link to the old thread - I never read it last year and now some of the videos (including yours!LOL) are gone :( I would love to see all of them. Can't wait to see everyone's submissions this time! :)
What a scream! lol!!

I haven't done gymnastics in over 15 years so I won't be participating or else I'd crack my back. But, I'll be glad to laugh and point fingers...just kidding :D

I'll be glad to help vote!

You ladies are very very brave! I can't even walk these days without something hurting, lol!!
I was looking at those old posts and laughing hysterically! I am convinced that if I attempted a handstand both hands would snap off at the wrists. Makes it really tough to type or sew!

The last time I did so much as a somersault I got a cramp in my ribs that liked to have knocked me out. and I got a hernia last time I did a kick boxing class, so any kind of kicks are out.

Yeah, you pretty much can't get anything besides a salute out of me!

LOL! Hats off to all of you who participate--I think I'd seriously injure myself if I tried!
maybe I am crazy?

It's been almost 30 years, 2 kids and 80+ pounds extra since I did gymnastics and I actually considered entering!

COOL!!! I plan on defending my title so who wants to BRING IT???!!!! LOL I have a feeling that this year will be tough!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well based on the huge amount of entries we had this year, I declare nobody to be the winner. Looks like MD gets to be supreme Unchallenged Champion this year!!!
Yeah next year I think I'll rule that you have to drink at least one bottle of wine before you are allowed to even practice. Imagine th lawsuits from that one!!!

I blame the downswing in the economy, "too broke to drink syndrome"!
Oooops I totally forgot about the challenge! I was planning to enter. Oh well, I would have hated to steal your title from you MD. hehe!! Just wait til next year!!
Ohhh, I somehow missed this thread! Not that I would've entered, anyway, as I was the high school cheerleader who could barely do a cartwheel or the splits. :p But, it would have been so fun to follow! Because I wasn't on CB last year, I tried to watch the videos from last year's challenge, and, especially since I couldn't view most of them, I was really looking forward to seeing this year's until I read that, sadly, the contest is closed. :( So much for my anticipated entertainment . . .

You guys are a hoot!

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