What is the difference btw. Level 2 & Level 3 non-sanctioned?

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What are the differences between Level 2 and Non-Sanctioned Level 3?

Our gym does not have a Level 2, only Non-Sanctioned Level 3. Another gym in a nearby city has a Level 2 team.

Are the skills the same? Are the routines the same? Would they be competing together at the same meets?

Oh, and is there such thing as sanctioned Level 2 or is Level 2 always considered Non-Sanctioned?
Non-sanctioned just means they do not compete in sanctioned USAG meets. They can compete L2 or 3 routines but they are not registered or having anything to do with the USAG.

A lot of L2 and L3 meets are local meets with gyms in a county or city so the travel expenses are low as well as the fees.
Level 2 and level 3 are two completly different levels with 2 completely different sets of routines just like level 4 and level 5. In USAG there are no sanctioned meets under level 4, but from what I understand gyms can hold non sanctioned meets at this level.
level 2 skills

ok...thanks to everyone for their responses.

What are the skills for Level 2 for all of the different rotations?

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