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    Developmental and Xcel Coach

    Looking for high energy person to work with out Pre-Team and Level 3-4 and Xcel Bronze. We consider the lower levels very important in the growth of our gymnasts. Basics, shaping and proper technique are a must. You should be passionate about working with ages 4-8. We are a mid sized gym in...
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    WAG How much for start up costs?

    Taxes and payroll tax were big sticker shock for us. Take your estimated budget and triple it! Good luck.
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    For Coaches Cameras in Gym

    We are looking to install closed circuit cameras to 1. Allow for viewing from the parents area 2. Allow for viewing of gym area from the office 3. Use as a training tool. Is it best to just get bids and have a professional set it up or is it easy to do yourself? Any feedback on types of...
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    For Coaches Medical Marijuana

    A couple of my coach buddies and I recently got into a debate. I would like to hear from coaches in those states where MM is legal. Being how MM is still against federal law, how would you feel about an employee using? Do you know of any coaches using MM? If you have a coach with a...
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    For Coaches Coach to athlete ratios

    We are "restructuring" Change is good, change is good, change is good I keep telling myself For compulsory level 3,4,5 what are your coach to athlete ratios? Right now we are at about 8 to 1 but may have to increase numbers. How do you feel about training level 4-5 in one group? Thanks
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    For Coaches Parent Issues

    Just wondering how you would handle the following situation. I already know what I am doing but wanted opinions. Facebook War between two parents. Do you intervene or stay out of it? Social media can be tricky. I have approached both parties involved. For the most part all of our parents...
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    WAG Partial Judges ??

    I think most judges try to be unbiased, however, they are human and mistakes will be made. We tell our gymnasts and parents to only worry about what they can control, like attitude, doing the best that they can and sportmanship. If you do an awesome routine you will be rewarded. Do not worry...
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    WAG Does my kid have to use music for floor?

    I have coached a proundly deaf athlete and like everybody has said I was able to give her a cue on when to start her routine with no deduction. We taught her to go through a "beat count" in her head to stay on time with the music and never had any trouble. Gymnastics is a great sport for your...
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    WAG 2013-2021 Girls JO Compulsories...What has changed?

    I think this skill is crazy. Level 3 last year (new level 3 this year) had a cross handstand. Try explaining that.
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    For Coaches Release or bar change?

    So, that is clear as mud. :rolleyes:
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    For Coaches Release or bar change?

    Is a Chinese Sit Up considered a release or a bar change?
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    WAG Cross handstand, legs in level 3

    Am I the only coach who thinks this is a step back? Current Level 3 and 4 have a straight handstand. IMHO having a split handstand will compromise the straight body position in a handstand. Gymnasts will tend to arch to hold the split handstand. A straight body is important in all events...
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    For Coaches Waiting It Out

    Update, Went to meet this weekend. No beam or floor.......but she got personal best on vault and beat her arch nemesis who always out scores her. I have referred the family to Dr Ali for help and we are working together to get her through this little bump in the road.