back walkovers

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  1. Em09

    WAG Too many Back Walkovers

    So I managed to do to many bws and my left loxer back can't do it without a twinge of pain. I am resting it and it is getting better, but any tips to help the recovery speed up
  2. G

    WAG Arm problems in back walkovers

    My daughter used to have a really solid back walkover but stoped practicing it due to a back injury, she’s trying to get it again but now when she’s going in to the bridge her arms give out from under her. Are there any good things to practice strengthening mostly elbows, but your back walkover...
  3. A


    Hi everyone! I have a few questions about back walkovers. I can do the splits, a front walkover, and a backbend kickover. When I go into my back walkover, I can do the first part where I do a backbend on one foot but then I can't kick over from there immediately when my foot hits, but when I...
  4. A

    Front/Back Walkovers, Splits Flexibility

    Hi! For a front walkover, I keep putting my phone down in the middle/towards the end of when I am standing up. How do you keep your foot from touching the ground when you are coming up? I can do a front limber also. For a back walkover, I can do a backbend kickover on the floor. However, how...
  5. kassgymnast_

    WAG Back walkovers?

    So a while back, when my sister was about 5 or so, (9 now), she took classes at our gym. However, she was really hyper (due to ADHD which was undiagnosed at the time), and quit. She switched to cheerleading. We've taught her a bhs which only took her a few months to get it on the couch and move...
  6. cadybearsmommy

    WAG Shoulder Flexibility and beam back walkovers, any input welcome!

    After reading some horror stories here about back problems as a result of beam back walkovers, I wanted to get some input on dd. I'm not an expert but to me it seems like she doesn't have the best shoulder flexibility. I've seen from reading here that kids with less shoulder flexibility tend...
  7. D

    WAG Back Walkovers

    I've been reading a lot about gymnasts getting stress fractures from doing back walkovers. I've never had back pain due to back walkovers but I'm kinda freaking out now! Can someone explain what the correct way to do a back walkover is in order to prevent stress fractures??
  8. gymmom8772

    For Parents DD has lower back pain only while doing back walkovers on the beam

    My DD is training new level 5 now and while she is doing back walkovers on the beam she gets lower back pain. It doesn't bother her any other time and never bothered her before while doing them on the floor. I took her Urgent Care and the doctor didn't think it was anything other than muscle...
  9. G

    For Coaches Back walkovers

    I've never liked back walkovers because I believe they are the reason behind so many back problems and pains of gymnasts I've coached. When I started a new pre-team group two years ago I decided we won't spend too much time on them and we'll always carefully warm up the shoulders and back before...
  10. J

    WAG Back walkovers and handsprings?

    What kinds of things help you get these skills? I can't join my clubs squad until I have either of these skills so I'd like to get them pretty quickly! Also, to do a yurchenko vault what skills do you need to have?
  11. gymnasticswim4

    Bride Kickovers and Back Walkovers

    Hi, I am really close to my bridge kickover (and i mean on the floor, i can do it easily on a cheese), and I was wondering if you guys have some tips on how to get all the way over. I have at least a 120 degree leg split when kicking over, so that's not the problem. When I come back from...
  12. amblan01

    Bridge from standing, back walkovers, and front walkovers tips?

    First off, sorry I post so much, this will be the last for awhile! I'm 13 almost 14 and thought I had no chance of being invited to team or even pre team. But my coach said she wanted to see my back bend kick over because I'll need it for team and to keep my arms near my ears for TEAM!!!!!! I...
  13. JBS

    WAG Front and Back Walkovers In Level 9/10

    I always hear different opinions on this matter. Do the high level optionals at your club do back walkovers as a part of their regular training? For your L9/10's have a basic slow tumbling warm-up/complex that leads them through front & back walkovers?...or do you keep away from...
  14. G

    WAG Back Walkovers - Hurting Back!!

    Hello, so I was going to compete level 6 this year but decided against it to compete level 5 and have a good season. So I've been uptraining level 6 skills as this is my second year in level 5. However, back walkovers hurt my back SOOO much!! It's my lower back to my left side. I used to be...
  15. E

    how to get over my fear of back walkovers on beam?

    okay, so this fear is driving me insane. :mad: i started back walkovers on beam during August. I got it the first night i started it, and it seemed so easy for me at the time. But ever sense then, each night, i go into my gym, do it on the fat beam (which is attached to a low beam), and then i...
  16. T

    *URGENT* Need skill ideas for beam~ TERRIFIED of back walkovers

    I swear to God I would rather chuck a double back on beam then a back walkover, liek serious, will not do them. What are some other skills I could work on? Here are a list of skills on beam I can already do... Handstand Handtsnad front roll Front Walkover Back Shoulder Roll Cartwheel Any...
  17. E

    Back Walkovers and skills in general -- problem? (lefty/righty)

    My daughter seems to switch dominant sides depending on activity. Writing, she writers with her right hand. Cartwheels/Roundoffs ... she leads with her left side. She just started doing back walkovers, and she's leading with her right side, I think? (Her right leg is leading the split over...
  18. G

    Back Walkovers...

    So, I'm starting my back walkovers. =D I know in a back walkover, you have to start with one leg lifted up off the ground, so you'll need more power through the pushing leg because you can't really swing that leg. The reason I had trouble with backbend kickovers was just not having enough...
  19. F

    Can back walkovers cause serious damage?

    Hello, I am currently a level 6 gymnast and in order to get my back walkover on beam I did them over and over until I finally got it. After this my lower back was in alot of pain but I figured I was just sore but its been alittle over a month and although It feels somewhat better my back...
  20. G

    Back Walkovers on high beam-- My biggest fear!

    SO... About 1 year ago, I started back walkovers on beam, at home.. I had them just wonderful on my high beam! I wasn't scared at all! NOW>> A year later Im working them at gym, and there is a HUGE mental block on me! I have never missed my hands, never had a nasty fall on them but the high...