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  1. M

    WAG What is a Perfect Bridge in Gymnastics?

    What constitutes a perfect bridge? My gymnast coach says this is not a Bridge, this is similar to what I have below. So what is defined as a perfect bridge? Is it straight arms, straight legs? Do the arms have to be perfectly vertical to the ground, and not angled? Does anyone have a picture of...
  2. F

    Any tips on getting your handstand bridge kickover?

    I have a trampoline, I find it easy but when it comes to mat I can't do it the way I do it on my trampoline, any tips are appreciated, thanks.
  3. MuggleMom

    For Parents Bridge/Shoulder Flexibility

    My daughter does not have pretty bridges. I think it has to do with overall shoulder flexibility. She is not the most naturally flexible in general. Are there any good stretching programs to improve bridges and shoulder/back flexibility? That seems like a good workable home goal to me. Shes 10...
  4. W

    Bridge Kickover Help

    I am in recreational gymnastics and I started in the level 2 program. We had to have our bridge kickover to move. I had mine, but it wasn't consistent. I moved up to level three and I was able to fake it whenever I couldn't do my kickover. Now I'm moving up to level 4 and I can't do that anymore...
  5. D

    WAG Bridge kickover on beam a skill in JO?

    Is bridge kickover on beam an A in JO 6?
  6. CCGymbug

    For Parents Bridge kickover to bhs

    So, Beans coach came back from congress with new drills for bwo but has decided to let her compete bridge kickover to bhs. I am assuming the hope is to get her over whatever issue she is having. Thoughts? In my mind, I see the deductions adding up but most likely less than a fall [emoji1] anyone...
  7. F

    For Parents Bridge Kickover

    My DD is new to gymnastics (started last June at age 4 and was put on the team development program.) She did great and is skipping the next group to begin working with the level 3 girls. I have read on CB that back bends/bridges are a no no for young gymnasts (under 5) and I banned all bridges...
  8. A

    For Parents Bridge question

    My daughter is still pretty new to team gymnastics (She started in October). I've become a little paranoid about back injury after reading the forums here. She has a very flexible back. It's definitely where she demonstrates her best flexibility. (Her leg flexibility is not great.) She does...
  9. A

    WAG BWO - Making a smaller bridge?

    So DD is still not landing her BWO, she says the coach is getting super frustrated with her for not taking corrections. I asked if she understood what the coach was saying. She said the coach says to make a smaller bridge but that she doesn't know how to do that. Is this something a parent...
  10. momnipotent

    For Parents Stretches to help with back bridge?

    ODS is having problems with his back bridge and the coach has given him "homework" to work on it at home. The repeated home practice is not helping and he is getting frustrated. I am starting to wonder if it is a shoulder/back flexibility problem. When he pushes up into the bridge, he can't get...
  11. Myah Emily

    WAG Back split leg/bridge kick over

    When I try to do a kick over I don't make it over. I am a level 4 gymnast and it is really holding me back! I just figured out that my back split leg/ the leg I am not kicking with is my problem. My right leg(kicking/cartwheel leg) can kick far enough to but my left leg follows it up right...
  12. E

    WAG Bridge hold question

    My youngest dd gets regular conditioning/strength homework to so, every time she gets her homework book back there is always bridge hold written down, it has always been 10 seconds bridge holds x3, this time the coach has but bridge hold 90 seconds. It is ok to hold a bridge for that long? Dd...
  13. crazygymstermom

    For Parents Bridge kickovers

    I know up until a certain age they shouldn't be doing bridge kickovers on their own (without a block) but can't remember what it was. This a skill a dd's progression sheet (rec class) that she is currently working on. All the coaches at her gym are great and I've even heard them talking about...
  14. amblan01

    Bridge from standing, back walkovers, and front walkovers tips?

    First off, sorry I post so much, this will be the last for awhile! I'm 13 almost 14 and thought I had no chance of being invited to team or even pre team. But my coach said she wanted to see my back bend kick over because I'll need it for team and to keep my arms near my ears for TEAM!!!!!! I...
  15. Jasmynn

    For Coaches Handstand Bridge drills

    Are there any drills or suggestions to keep kids from slamming down into their bridge sloppily. They can do good handstands, but after that point it's so sloppy.:mad:
  16. gymnasticswim4

    Bridge kickover

    hi everyone, i'm having trouble with my bride kickover. even with a cheese! I always do it perfectly when my coach spot me, but when i do it alone i manage to kick over a bit, but then i just flop down. Any tips? If this makes any difference, i can to a backbend. Thank you!
  17. R

    WAG Hand stand bridge kick over

    When my daughter is doing this skill in her L4 floor routine as she comes down from the handstand in to her bridge her legs come apart. Is this a flexibility issue or just a bad habbit? She can do the kick over but I suspect she may be loosing points in her routine (her backhandsprings have...
  18. M

    WAG walking in bridge?

    Yesterday my daughter's coach had the girls try to "walk" in a bridge position. Just for fun, I tried it myself at home after practice. It felt like it transferred the stress of the bridge from the shoulders to the lower back. Is this exercise dangerous, or was I just doing it wrong?
  19. G

    BRAG ALERT! Handstand bridge to stand

    Not a front limber yet but close! I FINALLY got it! The simplest thing was holding me back - I always tried to get up from my toes. The girls on my team were saying it was so much easier to get up with flat feet, but that just never felt comfortable to me. But it's the best way, I'll get used to...
  20. gymmom-n-coach

    Handstand Drop to Bridge - L4 Floor Routine Question

    I have girls that can do this skill with perfectly straight legs, but when their feet touch the ground they "bounce" a little. I'm wondering how that "bounce" would be deducted? Would it be better to have them drop to a bent leg bridge with no bounce? Of course, I have already focused on...