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  1. AlexsGymmyMom

    Flyaway!!! and a very happy gymmie!!!!

    As all of you know, my DD has been struggling with a fear of the flyaway for about a year now! She has worked one time individually with the HC/owner and is now able to do them with him standing there!! For Alex, this is HUGE! I am so proud of her for letting go of her fear (and the bar...
  2. G

    Flyaway twisting on bars fear!

    Last practice, my coach told me that I'm going to be starting flyaway twisting again. Last time we tried, I lost my flyaway and was scared of the twist. When y coach told me, I completely freaked out, and i don't even know what I'm scared of. Are there any drills that I can do to help with this...
  3. V

    Flyaway Fear (parent not DD)

    My DD is a level 5 gymnast training level 6 skills. She was very excited this week because she did her flyaway for the first time (and many more after that). As I expected, her fears disappeared once she did it the first time. However, my fears were definitely heightened watching her do it...
  4. L

    Flyaway (Tuck)

    I have just got by tuck flyaway when my coach left our gym (family issues) I only ever did them on the normal bars and never in the pit. The coach who is taking her place needs me to do them in the pit before the high bar. The thing is my problem is not on the landing so the pit isn't helpful...
  5. MamaofEnS

    For Parents Giant Flyaway crunch time

    Hi All, Well, my L7 DD just learned on Wednesday that since she isn't ready to compete bars, she can't compete at all! I wasn't aware of this policy, especially because apparently it is only true in L7 (at our gym). Well, there are about three weeks until the next meet. All my DD is missing...
  6. L

    TUCK FLYAWAY help !!!!

    My favorite coach just left our gym to help her sick father. I had just gotten my tuck fly away and she was only touching me when it was time for me to release. now my new bars coach wants me to show her some fly aways into the pit before she spots me on the high bar but I already have done it...
  7. shadow

    any reverse flyaway drills?

    i have a girl that has just started to work these. when she does let go to flip, she ends up going strait down and flipping well away from the bar and definitely not landing on her feet. I know she is not letting go at the top of the swing but im not sure if thats the major problem. i also cant...
  8. shadow

    flyaway question!

    in level 7, would a reverse flyaway count the same as a regular flyaway?
  9. Geoffrey Taucer

    Teaching Flyaway from Cast

    So I've been working with a bunch of my level 6.5-ish girls on layout flyaways from a cast, and I've been pretty successful with most of them; however, I have one girl who is very talented but older (14) and built pretty solidly -- ie, she's too big for me to dependably manipulate her in the...
  10. N

    Flyaway Fulls on Bars

    I am teaching one of my athletes layout full flyaway off bars for the first time and she is having some troubles with landing. Just wondering if anyone has any suggests on the technique and what to watch for to help her make it more consistant.
  11. gymnastbeth

    Flyaway Fear

    I am afraid of doing a flyaway. It's a pretty common fear, but it just keeps haunting me. When we started learning flyaways, I couldn't let go of the bar. I think I was afraid of hitting my feet on the bar. Even when my coach spotted me, she held me up in the front swing, and had to scream, LET...
  12. G

    Giant Flyaway

    On bars, i am having fear issues on connecting my giants to a flyaway. I will do a good flyaway timer, but when my coach tells me to flip, I just won't let go! It is really frustrating because I know I can do it, it just seems as if my body won't cooperate. Another girl on my team who started...
  13. GetaGrip

    Flyaway from Giants

    Ack... I've recently gotten my giants on the real bar with out a spot, so my coach told me to try a layout flyaway. At first it was just fine, then when I had another coach spot me on my flyaway, I let go too late and my shins smacked the bar. It felt just fine to me, so I'm confused, and...
  14. M

    For Parents Not just flyaway now but she got a layout flyaway tonight

    wow two weeks with her tuck flyaway and she went to open gym tonight and worked on getting her layout flyaway into the pit and started nailing them and moved them to the bars... She is landing them perfectly:) Wow.... Emily is really working hard:) I told her to get off the bars after a while...
  15. T

    For Parents Brag: front flyaway and level 6!

    Hi everyone! Just wanted to share DD's success this weekend at gym doing her front flyaway by herself! :) A flyaway dismount was the last skill she needed to compete Level 6 in our Ontario system. :D She wanted to thank everyone for their encouraging words! She is quite proud of herself in...
  16. M

    For Parents WE have a flyaway:) Yes.....and Back Walkover Beam is closer than ever.....

    Tonight's Practice was awesome.... Emily started on Bars tonight and was doing flyaway drills on the pit bar and then Emily did a flyaway into the pit landing on a mat instead of the blue pit foam. First time, I didn't think she would let go but she did just a bit late so she landed touching...
  17. T

    front flyaway progressions

    Hi everyone My DD has been struggling with fear in regards to her backwards flyaway on bars. She has fear of everything backwards basically. Today at training here coach mentioned trying a front flyaway. She has 2 coaches one has never taught a front flyaway before and the other has only...
  18. gymmomntc2e6

    For Parents Flyaway !! - Brag Alert !

    DD did her Flyaway by herself !!! It wasn't the prettiest, but it was a flyaway. She needs to let go later and tuck more. But she landed on her feet !
  19. G

    Flyaway Trouble

    I am currently coaching a Level 6 team. One of my girls is a second year Level 6. She is struggling on bars this summer. She successfully competed her flyaway most of last season and just before states pulled in too soon and kicked the bar with her toes. She wont do them anymore and its getting...
  20. G

    Flyaway Help!

    On my flyaways on bars, i have 2 problems (that result in my flyaway always being very low and landing on my face). First, i let go of the bar to early. I try to hold on longer, but i am afriad i will hit my feet on the bar. I always land in the pitt kind of close to the bar, even though i am...