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  1. PeanutsMom

    Anon What level should elite qualifiers compete?

    I have a question. I know many gyms train up and compete down, but if you made an elite compulsory qualifying score, but competed level 8 for season doesn't that just mean you should be competing at a higher level? One of the gyms in our area qualified 3 kids. 2 of the 3 were competing in elite...
  2. T

    WAG Congratulations to JO National Qualifiers

    Congratulations to all the JO National qualifiers from CB... my DD qualified out of Region 1, JR C! we were definitely more nervous than she was. last year, she broke her finger before regionals and missed out on qualifying. In the big picture of gymnastics and life, none of this really...
  3. D

    WAG Qualifiers.

    Good info. Congrats to all L10 https://www.chalkwarrior.com/single-post/2017/04/07/2017-JO-Nationals-Qualifiers L9 https://www.chalkwarrior.com/single-post/2017/04/08/2017-Level-9-Eastern-Western-Qualifiers
  4. Canadian_gym_mom

    Ontario Qualifiers

    I just found out that this year the girls can compete in 4 qualifiers instead of 3. The top 2 scores are still averaged for championships. Other than this and the age change, does anyone else know of any other changes? Has anyone's club given them their qualifiers yet? We are hosting one...
  5. curlygirls

    WAG At large cut-off score for TX Level 7 Regionals Qualifiers

    Was anyone at the last session of the TX L7 State meet today to hear the cut-off score for the at large Regional qualifiers? Thanks!
  6. veganmami

    WAG Tickets to 2016 Qualifiers (AT&T, P&G, Secret Classic)

    I am really interested in getting tickets next year to one of the gymnastics qualifiers (AT&T, Secret Classic, or P&G) but was curious to see if anyone has gone to one of these events recently because I have some questions. First question relates to cost: how much am I going to have to shell...
  7. B

    Ontario Qualifiers Level 6+

    Does anyone know if the mandatory mobility rules were actually put into effect? There was talk that the athletes 2 highest scores from qualifiers and score at championships were going to be averaged and if they hit 37 or higher they would have to move up a level. Just wondered if anyone knows...
  8. M

    WAG Level 9 eastern qualifiers

    How many girls qualify to Level 9 eastern championship? The USAG website indicates the top 6 gymnasts. However, my daughter is watching a friend compete and they are announcing top 7 as national qualifiers and 8 and 9 as alternates. Did they change rules?
  9. Mag_7_Fan96

    Gymnastics Qualifiers

    Are the women's qualifiers shown on NBC? I'd love to be able to tape them.
  10. canadiangymmom

    For Parents Ontario Qualifiers!

    Well, the excitement is building, we got our list of qualifiers tonight!!! Bean's gym is competing at, Georgetown Dec 4-6 St Catherines Jan 22-24 and Niagara Falls Feb 5-7 if qualified, Ontario Cup, Mar 26-28 if top 24 there, Provincial Championships Apr 23-25 If top 4...
  11. Geoffrey Taucer

    National Qualifiers

    I will be leaving tomorrow for Colorado to compete in what will undeniably be the biggest meet I've ever competed in to date. This will be my first major meet as an elite, and my first serious shot at hitting the national stage. I'll be competing against, among other people, Steven Legendre...
  12. canadiangymmom

    For Parents Sparky!!+Ontario Qualifiers

    Hi Sparky! I just wanted to say, “GOOD LUCKâ€￾ to your daughter! I’m sure she’ll be great at her competition next weekend! It’s so nice that you have the reduced stress of not having to hit a certain score to compete at Provincials. You’re probably right about the numbers...
  13. R

    Provincial Qualifiers

    I just went to provincial qualifiers! I came in 5th on vault,2nd on bars,1st on beam, 1st on floor, and 1st all around! I passed the qualifing score! My score was 46.3!