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  1. N

    How to get over flipping fears

    Hello! I was a gymnast for a few years (I still love the sport and admire people like Simone and Aly) but now I am doing cheerleading since the gymnastics team at my school was very competitive. However after I quit gymnastics I took a whole year off for a break. I didn’t do any sport that...
  2. ProudDad

    For Parents Who has responsibility?

    I have been to dozens of meets and watched many sessions of differing levels. Within those levels there are gymnasts with varying skill levels as reflected by scoring. I am always a fan of every athlete and recognize that anyone can have a bad day or is in the process of overcoming a personal...
  3. B

    For Parents Excellent Podcast on Abuse

    I posted this already within an existing thread, but after listening to it twice, I think this is an extremely worthwhile listen for coaches, gym owners, parents, and even gymnasts (recommended 13+ with parental guidance). It is relevant not only to gymnastics, but also in today's...