2009 World Team

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Who do you think is going to make the team for the women this year.
4 traveling
2-3 non traveling alternates

I think Bridget Sloan, Becca Bross, Ivana Hong, and Kayla Williams will be the 4 on the team with Kytra Hunter, Chellsie Memmel, and Samantha Peszek as the 2-3 non traveling alternates.

what do yall think?


I think Sam will make the team, along with Bridget, Ivana, and Rebecca.
Kytra and Chellsie for alternates.

I agree, I think only 2 compete AA, so Sam will probably get to go. She looked good in TX. I know she is waiting for surgery until after World's.
Feb 26, 2007
SO now no Sam, who is going to break under the stress of the training next?

I'm going for Bridget, Ivana, Kayla & Chellsie. For alts I think Becca (cos I am worried she might snap something again!) Cassie, and one of the Caquatto girls ( always mix them up.)
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