WAG Back handspring (platinum + diamond)

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Nov 9, 2022
Is a back handspring necessary for platinum/diamond level (mainly on floor, but also beam/vault)? I've been doing round off back tucks and always have trouble generating power from back handsprings... but one of my floor coaches told me that back handspring is very necessary for higher level tumbling...

If it is, the problem is that I can't really work on it because I'm in a training group consisting of platinums, level 6s, diamonds and almost all of them already have their back handsprings well.. confused on what to do now (its a gym with a lot of girls)
Oh also - if it matters, I just have 2 years left in the sport, so hopefully its one year platinum, 1 year diamond.. and I'm not the best with back handsprings (have worked them in the past, but I just keep piking and can't fix that!)
There is a girl I know who developed a mental block on her backhand spring so she does a connecting front handspring, round-off back tuck and it counted for L6 and L7 which is similar to platinum.
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