Back handspring

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Oct 28, 2008
So I tried back handspring last night, and was doing pretty good with a large amount of spotting. Trouble is, whenever my coach tried to stop spotting me so much, I would twist off to the side(my last coach said I kept looking off to the side). Any suggestions on how to do it without twisting? I also have a slight fear of it, because learning back handspring is part of what lead to my tendinitis last spring.
Sep 21, 2008
If you have access to a pit, do flip-flops down a cheese wedge that leads into the pit, or if you have a pit that leads directly into the pit (so you can flip flop at foam level), do them there. Focus on pushing your legs down and away from you, looking at the floor move away from you. Only after the push should you look for the floor behind you.

In between each flip flop, do a back bend or a wall walk focusing on keeping your head looking up to look behind you instead of around the corner.
Jan 24, 2009
There are a few possible reasons as to why you go slightly to the side. Looking to the side is definitely one of them. Your body will follow where your head is leaning, so if your head is even to the side the slightest bit, you will go in that direction. Make sure to keep your head in a relaxed, neutral position when doing a BHS. Another reason could be your shoulders. When you reach your arms out in front of you- naturally, not extending- one arm most likely reaches a bit further. Even though it may be hardly visible, the difference is enough to send you off to the side in a BHS. The trick is to focus on extending your arms from your shoulders- keeping them at an even distance. Hopefully that will solve the issue!
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