Coaches Back hip circle frustrations

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May 31, 2014
Hello! I've been reading posts in this community for a while now and oftentimes find helpful coaching tips for my classes. Now I have my own question, and I really hope someone can help me, because it's one of those things that keep me up late at night (for instance right now, haha).

I'm coaching a class of pretty young (ages 6 to 9) beginner girls who train for two hours twice a week.
Now one of them (age 7) has had her back hip circle on bars for months, making it every single time, until she suddenly lost it about two weeks ago. She hasn't grown, nor did she have a traumatising fall or anything.
I've tried everything I could think of. Took her back to the beginnings (casts, slow-motion back hip circles with me guiding her, explaining the technical side of the skill to her), did one-on-one sessions with her... Her form is great when we're practising the individual parts of the skill, but when I try putting them together, she suddenly bends her hip at an angle.
It always seems to end in her getting super frustrated, crying, telling me she's not going home until she gets it. Obviously by then, nothing good is gonna come out of practising. We're both getting frustrated, and on top of that, we have a little meet-like situation for the rec kids coming up this weekend. She wants to compete the skill so badly but I don't want her not to make it and start crying hysterically in front of the judges!

Do you have any ideas on how to fix this? I'd greatly appreciate it!
Not open for further replies.