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Feb 26, 2007
Here we go. We got back at 10:30pm last night after a hairy drive through the snowy backroads of Quebec, lovely! The meet ran late by 35 minutes and by the end everyone just wanted to leave!

As always DD was a great team member, cheered, hugged and supported. Wish I could say the same about the whole team, but ah well.

bars 11.7
beam 11.0
floor 11.7
vault 11.3

Started on bars, nice enough routine, not as tight as the last meet, but this time she did get the cast counted and that made her happy. Needs to work on flailing legs!!

Beam, all went beautifully until the full turn, big wobble there, I could see she was thinkning hard and trying to work out what she could put in to boost that wobble, so she did a body wave for a 0.2 bonus. But as we know thinking hard about math on beam is never a good thing, she then went for the BWO and fell, feet didn't touch the beam so she lost 0.3 for the BWO, plus 0.5 for the EGR and 0.8 for the fall. Ended up with an okayish score, she was visibly unhappy after, but still was keeping her game face on. Am thinking, as the coach is, it's time to ditch the BWO and put the cartwheel in, her scoliosis makes her wonky and it is hard to not fall. Time for some pressure from the coach.

Floor, did a reasonable job, remembered her full turn this time but her back tuck was low and she stepped forward, big deduction there.

Vault, UGH!!!!! Quebec gymnastics changed the type of Gymnova springboard that has to be used between the meet in Nov and this meet. We call the new board "the rock' it is grey and hard as a rock. She got over, but it was ugly. A shame as at the last meet she had really improved using the old board.

She came 9th on bars and floor, but they only go to 8 places. She was the only one in her team to go home empty handed, never easy of course. I just was impressed that she had improvements all around, that is something to be proud of. In fact she got her highest AA since she went into this league.

I did buy her a leo to ease the pain.:D

One last meet to go in March, hopefully she will have fun there. The provincials will not be a possibility for her this year, but she is not the only one on her team who will not have a chance to go so it will be easier to bear.

Thanks for all the the kind words and good luck, it means so much to us both having the CB cheer squad out there.

Now added the vids, no vault though, it is always a tough one to get as the gym is way to small and packed with people.
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Oh, bigger bog baby! You are such a trooper!

Bog, I am sorry she didn't place as well as she wanted to. Such a disappointment! DANG!!

But she is a great kid, and I know she'll put it behind her & move on. Meets are only part of their whole gym experience, right? As you have said before, she loves her gym and enjoys training there w/ the coaches and girls, so hopefully she can just focus on that, and continue to enjoy her sport.

She can still go out there and kick booty at her last meet & have fun, without the pressure of trying to qualify!

I wish you guys all the best! ;)
You have many reasons to be proud of your spunky, determined young lady. I hope she wants the videos posted, R and I watch them together to celebrate our chalk bucket family.

We usually have Jagwear onsite at our qualifiers. Everyone's a winner!! Between you, me, and the rest of the web, last year at Ray's 1st qual, I bought her a giraffe wearing a leo and cape. Now, for $13.00, I can buy a new leo and cape, and have RAY put on the cape in rhinestones! Much more affordable than the stylish leos, and she's every bit as happy:)

Your next competition is the same day as ours, I think. We'll be thinking about you!

Canadian gym mom
Jan 17, 2008
Bog - Beetle and I give BBB a cyber hug and high five. Beetle has also always been the cheerleader of the team, with hugs and support for all teammates, THis year she finally has other teammates that do the same.

Sounds like she had some personal victories with Floor and Bars! That is something to be proud of.

It is never easy to leave a meet without medals, Beetle has been there a few times. You know what? It makes the meets where she comes home with Medals even more special and memorable!


I hope she has a blast at her last meet, and I'm glad they counted the cast this time! Tell her to keep up the good work.
Sep 8, 2007
Congrats to bbb on her highest aa score!!She was so close on receiving a medal what a bummer.Thanks on sharing the vid's I think she did awesome.

Granny Smith

Proud Parent
Jun 21, 2007
Thanks for the report. I just watched the videos and such a shame about the step forward on the BT, she had such a nice routine going before that itsy, little step! Bars looked lovely and beam was also very nice until the BWO came along. I hope for your dd that the coach will change to a cartwheel because her routine would have been pretty much flawless otherwise.


Moderator/Proud Parent
Aug 25, 2007
North Carolina
Thanks for sharing Bog -

I think her floor routine is just lovely. I hope she is not too disappointed, I thought she did well - from one crooked back to another (I also have scoliosis and it appears I have shared that w/ DS)

Tell her to keep up the good work and have a blast at the next one !!

Deleted member 1703

Lovely handstand on beam - she looks fairly tall, is she? All legs, too (like my girls)!
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Feb 26, 2007
Lovely handstand on beam - she looks fairly tall, is she? All legs, too (like my girls)!

Oops, if it looks like I edited your post I didn't!!! I went to click the quote button and clicked the edit button that us mods have for every post, sorry.

She is now about 5'3", she just grew so much this year, I had to get her leo altered and her warm up pants lengthened since her last meet in Nov as everyuthing was too small. She is trying to adjust to her height, but can be a bit bambi-ish at times, all limbs!

Thanks all for the kind comments, she is feeling quite okay about it, I guess you do get used to not winning, I can't decide if that's a good thing. Thank goodness she is a pragmatic little soul and she gets a lot of joy from excelling in school.

She seems determined to makes some changes for next year, maybe change into the lower pressure league, less hours, fewer girls but with similar skills and bonuses. As for the last meet we'll see what the coach can convince her to do!
Nov 5, 2007
Love the vid.I think she did pretty good.Tell her to have lots of fun at the last meet.


I think she did great, too! What do those judges know, anyway? ;) Good luck to her in her last meet of the season!
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Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
I think she did great. I think we should just do away with the judges. LOL. Just kidding. I guess that is why it is competitive gymnastics, not exhibition gymnastics. :D Congrats to her!

I feel you on the medals. My DD has almost always been one of the only ones on her team to not come home with medals. She is fine with it, but it breaks my heart to see her waiting for her name to be called.

Your DD is a true team member though and her heart is in gymnastics, she has gone through so much and just keeps on going, she is a winner regardless in my eyes. Wish the judges could see what some of these girls go through.
Aug 16, 2007
omaha, ne
She did great and next time she will get the placing she deserves:)
Sorry about the rock board. That sucks when equipment messes with their hard work and talent. ugh....
Thank you for sharing all the videos and results:)


I think she looks beautiful. Nice lines, graceful, and a great attitude to boot! She should be proud! :)
Sep 9, 2008
We think she did an awesome job! She has such pretty lines. Emma loves her leo too! We enjoy watching her videos. Congrats on a great meet! Judges do not know everything.....moms do!:)
Jul 12, 2007
I am so sorry for T - I was hoping the news was better.... I do have to say that she is the winner - because nothing can beat her attitude. We are incredibly proud of all that has accomplished especially since she has gone through so much. Off to watch the vids....

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