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Feb 12, 2023
I need tips on my full turn on beam. I am having a mental block after turning fine for weeks and I can’t remember how I have been doing it. I don’t like it anymore cuz now I feel like my toes are off the edge of beam and I’m gonna split so I bail. And anlso for excel gold I know there is a jump requirement where one has to be a split. My split jump sucks even though that is the common thing at my new gym. Old gym always had me do leaps so those are very pretty now that I am not scared and actually leap lol. i Am doing straight jump or beat jump I think that’s what it is called. Say I’m doing beat jump. Do I have to make a connection between my jump and my leap and can I do them separately in different parts of my routine like I want to do this or someth8ng super similar. Mount, pose, beat jump, dance, cartwheel, handstand, leap, turn, dismount.