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Feb 27, 2007
One of the basic concepts that I have developed over the years is that all coaches are salespeople.By this I mean that when you coach you sell your abilities to teach and guide students and anyone that may be observing or hearing you:eek:. Sometimes you may not realize there are parents or other staff or even gymnasts in other classes close by. How you speak, move , exemplify and touch the gymnasts can convey great meaning or leave an impression upon the observer. I have been in programs that do not allow observation or fixed times for observations and parents that are constantly in the gym. "They may as well bring a sleeping bag", is a common comment :laughing: No matter the scenerio of your gym, the coach must always try to show their best coaching side and sell the students each day. The student wants to come back if they feel happy and interested put simply. The parents are sold if the coach can respond in a positive and meaningful manner when asked questions.I realize the term of "sell" that I use may sound negative but I believe it makes the point very clear. Some coaches are not confortable interracting with parents and taking critique from staff. Many times, the coach is not aware how they communicate to people. Once again I believe that all coaches are salespersons!!! Think about it:rolleyes:
We might seem like we are salespeople, trying to sell the sport of gymnastics, but i think we are teachers. I try to coach the way I plan on being a teacher. I have certain rules the students are to follow, tests they are to complete, challeneges, and rewards. I think that coaches/teachers are to have discipline as well as a fun side. You're absolutely right though--half the time we don't realize how many people are observing us, especially if parents are allowed to watch classes. We should be more aware of those who observe our actions, seeing as we are to be role modles for the students.
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I try not to think of myself as a salesperson at all; I think of myself more as a teacher. It wouldn't be much of a stretch to say I think of myself as a parent as well, though I don't actually have any kids of my own.
We as coaches/teachers are "selling" so much more than gymnastics. The greatest reward does not come in the gym for me; I have been lucky enough to be at my current gym for 10 years and have watched many students grow up and mature. Over the past year I have written many letters of recommendation for colleges and jobs and that to me is one of the greatest rewards. And have also had gymnasts come back and work for me. Watching them with the children and how they teach, is truly a reflection of how they were taught. What better way to see that what we do is important and makes a difference in their life. Most gymnasts will be not elite gymnasts or even continue through HS, so if we can give them something to take with them in life we have done our job.
I'll tell you one thing...if a coach/teacher is a good salesperson, they will end up getting a higher wage. Good coaches are naturally good salespeople...a coach that is a bad salesperson could be a better coach.

I would have disagreed if I had never gotten into management. It is part of your job to be a good salesperson.
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