For Parents Emily's 1st level 6 meet is Sunday evening... Yikes.. sTill unsure about beam:(

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Aug 16, 2007
omaha, ne
well after getting her back walkover last week... we regressed again this week but tonight I was at open gym with her just standing with my hand out and she was doing them... However, they won't do that. She has to do 110 more back walkovers by tomorrow to even compete it plus she has to do 3 back walkovers in a row to an observing coach. One of her coaches said they will try to coach her a little tomorrow during open gym while she is at the optionals practice. If she doesn't compete beam then we obviously won't qualify for state this meet. I am also worried about vault... Emily loves having the vault at like a 5 but I think it breaks her form. I wish and hope we just compete at a 3 or something. I don't want form breaks when she is a strong vaulter to begin with. You don't get extra points for the vault setting... ugh...Emily is just so stubborn sometimes, it drives me crazy.
Anyway, wish us luck and I will post a meet update when we get home around 9-10 sunday night.


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Mar 7, 2008
Region 7
Good luck to Emily! I hope she gets her BWO and gets to compete beam!

I wish we had open gym so LM could practice just what she is having trouble with....
Little Monkey was practicing her BWO tonite with a different coach. I was glad to see that there was no mat, and coach was spotting her with 1 finger and telling her to straighten her hips which is the problem - she's turning The other coach (the one at meet last wk) told the program director that LM has practiced w/o mat before. Whatever, that's water under the bridge now. Movin' on....


Sounds like Emily is a hard worker! Good for her. :)
Sending meet fairies your way . . .


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Mar 9, 2008
Good luck to Emily! Hope all goes well, sending all the fairies...especially the BWO fairy!!! I know how stressful it is when your DD won't 'go for' a skill you know she can do. But please don't pressure her to 'have it' by a certain meet or date. She has time...there is always another meet. Stress & pressure are the worst things for mental blocks/fear issues. The more pressure, the more she will probably balk. I know it's hard to do, but you have to remain relaxed & just have an "I know she'll do it when she's ready" attitude. She will gain confidence from your optimism or stress from your stress. So smile & tell her you know she can do it & she's a great gymnast! The more she practices, the more comfortable she will be with the skill. Once she feels she is in control & 'owns' the skill, that is when she will do it effortlessly. But it will come on her time table. Good luck to both of you! Relax & enjoy the meet on Sunday! This is all suppose to be fun remember:D!


110 that is alot of walkovers. Who said she had to do that many. Good luck Hope it all goes well.
Mar 5, 2008
North America
Good luck to Emily. I agree with some of the above posters regarding pressuring. Having to do "a certain amount" of a skill only puts more pressure on the child. This is just one meet--no big deal really. It is still early in the season so there is still plenty of time. I would tell her to just go out there and have fun and do her thing. If she does the BWO-GREAT! If not, then maybe next time. Good luck, relax and have fun!!!
Good luck to Emily! I'm sure she'll be nailing that backwalkover anyday now. If this isn't the meet where she qualifies, it will be soon. She's a strong and talented gymnast, so we know she'll do amazing even if beam doesn't factor in tomorrow.

We're looking forward to an update!


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Mar 20, 2009
Good luck Emily! I'm sure the BWO fairies are headed your way!! Wow 110 of those bad boys! Thats alot! Makes me dizzy just thinking about it!!


Good luck to Emily!!! 110 BWO! That's a lot of pressure. I remember when Sami was a level 4 and having trouble with cartwheels on beam--one of her coaches told her she had to do 100 before she could move onto another event. Didn't offer her incentive--it was too much pressure and she dissolved in tears. I understand having them do alot to get over the fear, but sometimes it can have the opposite effect!


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Nov 15, 2008
Good Luck Emily! And try not to worry mom! It's the first meet and she has time to pull it all together. Just think of it as exciting jumping off point, and she will just get more confident each meet and than be rocking by State! Have fun!!


Good luck to Emily.

I know it is a up to the coaches, but as long as she is hitting it sometimes, I hope they let her try.

110 is a lot and would concern me. My DD is having some back pain which appears to be common with the age/level. It's a lot on the back, and DD is now having to do physical therapy (luckily no stress fracture). If it hurts her at all, I wouldn't let her continue doing that many.

gym law mom

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Dec 23, 2006
Best wishes to Emily for a FUN 1st ever L6 meet. She has come so far in such a short time and did it moving to a new state and new gym. Be proud of her whether she does beam or not. You've all had a stress filled year.

Don't know about telling a kid if she want to compete beam in about 2 days to do 110 BWOs----geez, that is over the top. I can see the coaches wanting to see her do several in a row, but thats alot and may end up making her more stressed than she needs to be going into her 1st meet.

Good meet fairies coming your way!


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Feb 19, 2007
Good luck with the meet! I'm sending all of my BWO fairies your way as well! Everyone on here has had excellent advice...... and the pressure will eventually backfire on her! It's the first meet... many more still to come! Can't wait to hear the meet report!


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Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
Good luck to Em tomorrow. I hope she gets her BWO and shows off all her hard work. Lots of calming fairies for mom, too. :D Hope they let her at least try, you never know what the meet pressure will bring out in some girls. :D
Sep 9, 2008
Sending good luck wishes and lots of beam fairies your way! I agree about 110 bwo! Wow! Emma's back would be killing her! I'm sure Emily will be beautiful! We always think of the first meet as a time to get jitters out and get her back in the swing of things. Good luck and have fun! Can't wait to hear the wonderful meet report!!!
Aug 16, 2007
omaha, ne
Emily had 400+ back walkovers last monday... She has come a long way. They don't have to be on high beam with no mats.. She can count them with mats stacked under the beam.. Friday night she did 90 with me while I stood there and held my hand out.
She is okay with that... They have an entire week to work on them.
We went to open gym this morning and we won't be competing beam this week and this meet doesn't matter anyway because it is an out of state meet and they can only qualify for state with in state meets so this will be our practice meet. Next weekend and hopefully a back walkover to boot with be a qualifying meet. I just hope Emily does good in the other 3 events.
She tells me her shoulders hurt so much towards the end of her floor routine... the kind of hurt from having your arms extended out for a period of time. weird but she get tired at the end...
I can tell she gets sloopier too...
Oh well I am kind of hoping for beam to be first or last so she doesn't have a break between events after she starts competing. I will keep you updated:) Might just use my phone and post the results on facebook as it is happening:)
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