Favorite pump up music

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I felt I needed to go to the source... you actively training & competing gymnast. I'm compiling a new CD for our meet warmups. I need answers fairly quickly, by tomorrow morning or so, and I don't have time to wait for practice tonight to ask my own team girls.

What are your favorite Pump Me Up songs that you like to hear during Warm Ups at meets. Tis the Xmas season so I will be adding a few of those in the mix as well.

What about a March In "anthem". I think I'm going to do "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey for this State Meet, but we've been using "We're the Kids In America" by Cascadia ( I think).

Let me know what you think the gymnasts want to hear!
Dec 8, 2007
We run this from Stick it
Remember the Name Fort Minor
Supergirl Saving Jane ( thats like nastia's theme song or whatever)
We will rock you/ We are the champions Queen
Not open for further replies.