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My coach is going to have us do backtucks off of panel matts. I have a fear of that, I would rather just do a bactuck on the floor with spot. But my coach is making us do it, and I've never done it before and she won't give us a spot. When we ask for help she yells at us and gives us conditioning. I think that's a flaw on her part because coaches should always help get over mind blocks and by her making us do it by ourselves I get even more afraid. Any tips on overcoming my fear, or doing a backtuck? Also, I am also afraid of getting a fear when I'm at a meet, and not being able to perform a certain skill. HELP!
Jul 4, 2008
Different people have different ways of dealing with fear. There's some that think the only way is to just push people past it and then it's *over*, thinking that slowly leading up to less spotting for every new trick for everyone on everything is just too slow a progression for people they think could do it if they were just made to, and there's the exact opposite, and all points in between. And of course, people aren't the same for all skills, on all days, at different ages. And the coach has to keep track of all of it. But I think there's only so much yelling and conditioning she can give you before she should realize that hey, maybe it's just not gonna happen here without a spot.

This can sometimes lead to stubborn confrontations when you get gymnasts of an age to be a little less obedient and who are paying for their own gymnastics.

I have a fear of landing. Or in the case of beam, hitting something on the way down. And I'm often bigger than the coaches, so there's often a case of "Yes, you said you'll spot me, but *can* you?".

Fear sucks. I don't even remember being fearless when I was younger.
May 3, 2008
I hated doing back tucks off the beam. Had a bad experience with a diving board. I'm afraid i'll hit my head on the back of the beam. I still have the same fear just a little. I can do it, I just don't like doing them. Lots of lift and pull your legs andyou should go back wards.


hey any time i am getting ready to do something say back handsprings on beam i wipe my mind and think i can do it but don't think about the skill it's self, because the more you think the more you worry. when it's your turn get up then say to yourself "123 set go" and don't hesitate. if you need pretend you are on the floor then pretend you have spot then "123 set go". and think you have more time to land than you do right off the floor.
When you are doing your tucks off a height like the beam, just make sure you sit back and lean before you jump and you will have nothing to worry about. Or I guess you all could wear a helmet haha.


I would talk to the manager about the coach not giving you a spot on a mental block or a skill you aren't comfortable with. You could end up hurting yourself because of the fact that you aren't comfortable with the skill.

What I do to get over mental blocks is picture myself doing the skill perfectly before I actually do it. It helps a little. It will be hard to get over the mental block but you can get through it :) Just keep working hard towards your goal. You can set a timeline goal for yourself for each practice. Each practice can be one more step to getting the skill done with out a mental block :) Good luck! :)
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