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Proud Parent
Mar 7, 2008
Region 7
Good news is that Little Monkey qualified for Sectionals.

The frustration news.....and meet report:
First off, it seems that scoring is tougher in the southern part of the state - maybe Granny Smith can comment. This was our first invitational meet that was "down south" but it seemed across the board the scores were low.

Bars was first. You all know about LM's issues with jumping to HB. The past 2 wks she's been doing great and then Friday and Sat before the meet she just shut down at practice. She had 2 diff coaches (not the regular one who works with her on bars) and they had different settings and she was all in a tizzy. I knew it was not going to be pretty. During warmup she kept missing the squat on/jump. You could see she was not even trying. And she did not once do her dismount. She was last up for our team. Squat on- fall, climbed up, pathetic little attempt did not even touch HB, another fall, coach puts her up and then SPOTS HER on the layout flyaway!! I was in shock b/c I've seen her do the dismount 100 times!! So let's see, 2 falls, a spot, missing skill - 6.1 :(

Beam - she attempted ONE bwo and fell off, feet never touched during warmups. Everything else looked good. During the routine. BWO, falls off to side, gets up tries again falls again. Everything else was ok with a wobble or 2. Two falls and missing skill - 7.0

FX - decent routine but during her split she PUT HER LEFT HAND DOWN ON THE FLOOR....WHAAAAAT?? UGH. 8.4 but good enough to tie for 3rd.

Now we're sweating it out because she needs 8.5 to qualify. Both decent vault attempts, first one better than 2nd. 8.65 for AA 30.25.

For her age group which normally is 7 to 9, this meet was 8-10. First place was "only 34.xx" and 2nd place was 32.xx - so if you add back in the falls, the spot, the missed skills she would have done pretty well.

LM was happy as a clam and asked if she could have a new leo (hmmm, NO)... it was a long day and a 2 hr ride home ahead of us. On the way we talked about beam and I asked why she thought she kept missing the BWO when she had done them so beautifully at practice for weeks. She says that in the gym they keep a mat under the high beam and yesterday (at the meet) was the first time she didn't have a mat and she was afraid she was going to fall. I'm thinking that was NOT the time to yank the mat, shouldn't she have been practicing w/o it at least for a few days??? :shocked: And the layout - DD said that she hit her feet the day before and was afraid of hitting them again so she asked for the spot.


Ya know, they all have meets like that at one time or another. Sounds like she is taking it all pretty well, though - sometimes it's harder on us parents than it is our athlete :D.

And I hear you about not taking the mat away during practice - that kind of stuff just steams me no end! It's not rocket science to figure out that the day of a competition is NOT the time to make a significant change like that......

At any rate, CONGRATS to LM for qualifying - now that that's out of the way, she can simply concentrate on perfecting her skills :)


Proud Parent
Mar 1, 2007
CONGRATS on makeing sectional score!!! That is AWESOME as I think level 6 is super tough! She should be really prud to get that score first time around so now she can focus on those other things like getting that BWO without the mat underneath, LOL
Great Vault score, BTW and I'm sure the beam will come around next time...she's pretty good at that if I remember correctly.

I think down south there are some great teams, some great competition like Willmore, Cherry Hill, Action, Atlantic Coast, tons of others! Maybe it is a little harsh in judging, but I find the first meet or to to be a little harsh anywhere we go, whatever level!

FWIW, I would have caved and bought her the leo!!

So funny, my DD is not doing great with the squat on either??? Whatsup with that? My DD gets the hard part like the kip and she gets up to the bar no problem, all she does is need to lean forward a little bit and instead she falls back...UGH...watched her do it tonight at practice. The thing that gets me is...she used to do it no problem.

Tell Little Monkey her the CB moms are very proud of her and send our congrats!


Proud Parent
Mar 7, 2008
Region 7
My DD gets the hard part like the kip and she gets up to the bar no problem, all she does is need to lean forward a little bit and instead she falls back...UGH...watched her do it tonight at practice. The thing that gets me is...she used to do it no problem.

Exactly! LM has the same problem with not leaning forward and falling backwards but the kip was no problem, prob because she is on the light side and very strong.

Tonight she said her "regular" bars coached asked why she didn't do the squat on/jump and she said she 'didn't know but you know i have the mental thing". UGH. I can just see Coach shaking his head. And I spoke w/the Program Director about the mat thing and she agreed that was not a good move to wait till competition day to make that change! OK 3 weeks till next meet.
Feb 26, 2007
Congrats on making sectionals, she still has lots of time to shine. Letting go is all you can do and move on to what comes next.

They all have bad meets and tough scoring meets, the worst is the combination of the two.

My youngest did a great beam routine last year, no falls, nailed her cw and then on her round off dismount she put her hand on the mat, didn't fall just put down her hand. 0.8 deduction! Stuff just happens as they have so much to remember.

I buy my girls leos when they have a bad meet, a good meet they get medals or a ribbbon.


Proud Parent
Mar 7, 2008
Region 7
One of the dads took some really great shots. Here's one of her vaulting.


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Congratulations on qualifying to sectionals! She'll be able to have even more fun with future meets knowing that's out of the way.

Um...NO! Is something my dd hears at the meets when asking for leos too! I only bought her 1 thing once (a stuffed animal in a leo) and it was at her 1st qualifier ever. Everyone looked so good in general warm up that I thought mine dd had no chance of winning anything, so I bought this animal as her consolation prize:D. Turns out she didn't need it, she left wearing medals, but too late..the door's been opened for the next 200 meets!
Sep 8, 2007
Congrats to Little Monkey on qualifing for sectionals!Great job on 3rd on Fl her v score was good also.Bummer with the mat on beam.The first meets at new level can be rough especially L6.


Im loving the idea of a leo for a bad meet. After all if they leave wearing bling they already have their reward.

Don't underestimate the jump to high bar. It is scary and if the bars are a long way out and they peel off with no mats (like in competition) its a really really nasty fall. Broken arms (yes both at the same time) elbows and neck injuries are not unheard of. It can have as big effect as the back tumbling fear issues. Girls often fall back on the squat on because they are frightened to commit to the jump and catch not because they cant do the squat on. It is also a fear that can randomly come and go.


Congrats to her on qualifying!! At least that's one worry out of the way. And everyone has a bad meet sometimes. Hope she is able to get over her fears and get her skills back.

Granny Smith

Proud Parent
Jun 21, 2007
First off - congrats to LM for qualifying, she'll pull it altogether before the 1st Sectional.

As for scoring I have always believed that the scores were higher up North than South for compulsories. When you would look at Sectional scores it always seemed that way, so when we would go to States I never really felt I had a firm grasp where dd stood. Now in Opts, I really don't find a difference at all. I remember when dd did L6, there were 2 occasions that she received 6.8 for scores and her routines didn't have the number of falls or spotting that your dd had (I think she fell only once both times), so the routine probably isn't too bad once you take out the falls and spot. ;)

Our 6s first meet is at the end of the month, I think 10/24 - 25, then the entire team is going to Rutgers Classic. Dd will be starting as an 8 and once she gets her release move on bars, HC said she will move up to 9 - we could potential meet up at 1st 8 Sectional, dunno! :confused:


Congratulations on qualifying. After reading your really excellent meet report, i can't help but think there are some real positives there. For one, I'm feeling super proud of your dd for getting up every time she fell. Also, this is an early meet and her coaches should have some really good feedback as to the things they will need to work on for her before the next meet. Do you have an early season with early states?

We have a late season and last year as a L6 dd really needed those extra months of drilling skills. They didn't even start routines until middle of November and she was still shaky by her first meet in mid December.

As far as scoring, up here in the north I find that the scoring seems a little higher. In other parts of the country, it seems like the judges really deduct ALL of the small things as well as the bigger deductions and the scores are lower as a result except for those few girls who really have beautiful perfect form and skills. All those small form breaks can add up in a hurry.


Congrats to LM on qualifying for sectionals. That's one thing out of the way! I hope she can overcome her "mental issues" :laughing: LOL! Her comment just had me laughing out loud. I'm sure she'll be fine in time for the next meet!


Proud Parent
Mar 7, 2008
Region 7
Thank you everyone for your encouraging words :)

We are very proud of LM and the frustration is more with the coaching (the mat, spot, bars) than with her. Her mental issue with bars is out of fear and I don't belittle that, however, her other coach knows how to talk her through it, through TRUST which, the younger less experienced coaches do not.

LM was not asking for the leo as a consolation but just as a regular purchase, because they were there. She wasn't bling-less, lol. They gave awards to all for AA and she got a ribbon for FX (tied for 3rd, received 4th place ribbon). She actually takes blingless meets in stride and has never pitched a fit or cried over not receiving anything!

TeamDad - our season for L4-6 is Sept to Jan/Feb. The Optionals compete in the spring.
Sep 9, 2008
Congrats! on qualifying for sectionals! That is awesome! We know all to well about the flyaway toe mishap! Emma is struggling with fear issue for the very same reason! She won't attempt the layout. She does a tuck!
Her vault looked awesome! Again, congrats! Level 6 is tough from what I have been hearing. I am dreading our first meet!


I too hear that Level 6 is ROUGH! Our 1st meet isn't until Dec., so I'll have to wait to see how it goes. Congrats on the qualifying! Now that she has that out of the way, she can take a deep breath and concentrate on what she needs for improving. That qualifying thing can be a big stress and wreak havoc on their performance.

Good luck at the next meet, can't wait to hear how well she does!
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