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Jul 8, 2011
okay, so i am an optional level six this sesaon and i need to pick out some floor music. the only problem is that I CAN'T DANCE TO SAVE MY LIFE AND I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOOOOO NATURAL RHYTHM! Does anybody have any suggestions about the type of music that would work for me? I am tall (5'6) which makes the dancing look a bit funnier. So any suggestions for me?
It's not the music that determines how you dance. There isn't really an "easier" music than others. If you think your current dance is too hard for you, change it. Practice at home. Maybe even take a dance class or two! Good luck! :)
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thanks! i think i phrased this a bit wrong though. i'm not necessarily looking for easier music, i'm more like looking for something to dance simply to that isn't as fast as a lot of the music i hear. any suggestions?
This year I'm using "Requiem For a Dream." In the past I've used music that was too fast and upbeat, and my 'dance moves' looked too choppy and rushed. Like you, I'm not a born dancer. I'm probably one of the least graceful gymnasts on my team. Requiem For a Dream works for me, and hopefully for you, because a majority of the song is slow and peaceful. Plus, when the tempo increases and the music gets faster, it's the perfect time to tumble :)
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thanks for the websites!

sadly, someone on my team already has requiem for a dream (thanks for the suggestion, it would have worked really well!), but i think i will keep looking on the links too.
Perhaps something with obvious beats would be good, not constant like techno or anything but a selection where you can use the beats as sort of check-points to line up your choreography with! :) Having something to listen for might also help with your dance woes.

As far as some classical songs, I had rhapsody in blue for my floor music for a couple of years, another good 'classical' piece is in the mood (The quotes are because it's actually more of a jazzy/big band piece)
i love in the mood! i had no idea that was the name of the song! i think i'll add it to my list (we have to have multiple choices because no one in our gym can have the same music, even if they are on different teams)!
i have one other and it's called "i am the doctor" from doctor who ( Doctor Who Proms 2010 - The Theme Tune - YouTube )!
i will definitly post what my music is

OHMYGOSH I am hyperventilating right now. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Doctor Who. I think I would be in heaven if that was my floor music. You should use it!!!

(ETA: In fact, next year is going to be the year I get my last new floor routine if I don't do college gym. I am 99% sure that I'm going to use that music. Thank you sooo much, I don't know why I didn't think of that!)
I LOVE this music.... I have seen it used before, by a girl named Ali House, and she is tall and skinny-- So it looks really pretty! But me, I am 4' 10" and buff... So I would look funny if I did it..

Anyways, here is HER routine: Ali House, level 8 floor exercise, "Rochester Classic," 2-19-11 - YouTube If you notice how she doesn't really "dance" but more just a few little poses, and prances... Its SO pretty!

Here is the music: Gymnastics Floor Music: Croatian Rhapsody - YouTube

Best of luck!
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