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So I'm really good on floor, especially with back tumbling and dance elements. However, my biggest weakness on that event is the dreaded front tumbling. No, seriously, it took me 4 months and five private lessons just to get a solid front handspring.

Anyways, I've been working on front tucks for about a month now and made barely any progress. I am doing them off a mini-tramp onto a resi mat and I keep messing up. Whenever I do one, I will get into a proper tuck position and rotate fast, yet I land on my butt still in a tuck position instead of on my feet. Whenever I try to land on my feet I open up too early and land on my back. I think I'm not getting enough height, and even the trampoline does not really help with that.

I'm really frustrated because I'm not progressing as fast as I want to... So any advice on the front tuck?
I'd have to see a video to say for sure what you're doing wrong. But here are the most common issues:

1) Insufficient lower body and core strength. While there is "correct" and "incorrect" technique for a front tuck, at the end of the day it's a power skill. If you get a strong enough takeoff and can pull a tight enough tuck, you can do most of the rest of it wrong and still land it.
If this is the case, then squats, calf raises, and plyometric exercises will help

2) Improper takeoff technique. As you take off, focus on standing tall, pushing the floor down and slightly forward with your feet, and lifting the back of your head toward the ceiling..... THEN pull into a tuck to rotate.
If this is the case, 3/4 fronts on trampoline (or just about anywhere) might help; the idea is to go high and floaty and not rush the flip, just watch the landing and then flip to your back.

From your description, it sounds like #2 is more likely to be the issue, but it also may be something else entirely. Again, I'd have to see a video to be sure.
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To add to what the other coach said, another common issue is pushing forward rather than up when taking off. One way to fix this is to do front tucks up onto something, such as a resi or a panel mat, and try to punch right before the mat, while landing as close to the front edge as possible, if that makes sense. Ensure to push through your toes, and use your arms and tuck to gain rotation rather than just simply your momentum.
I struggled with front tucks forever until one day it finally clicked. The two things that helped me were my coach told me to think about front tucking over a fence and the other thing was focusing on trying not to push my front tuck too far forward. We had to draw a box with chalk that I had take off in and land in and that really helped me.