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Well Amber had her last level 3 meet today. We had quite a morning and were running late, forgot her water, gym bag and glitter for her hair and her good luck dolls that have followed her for 3 years to every meet. Go grandma gave her a good luck purse and off we went. We barely made it on time for general stretch.

Beam: Looked clean, we were kinda far, she got a 8.65. She was so disappointed.
Floor: Some bent knees here and there 8.8
Vault: First vault she did something weird so they gave her a do over, because she was first and it wasn't set up or something. 9.05
Bars: Looked good 8.8

There was really good competition and there were 6 age groups. Hers were right in the middle. I was pretty sure she wasn't going to place. Boy was I wrong.

Vault 5th place
Bars 4th place
Beam 4th place- highest place ever on beam
floor-3rd place-highest place ever on floor-first time on the top of the podium
all around- 3rd place-highest ever place in all around and she got a trophy plus 4 medals for being in the top 3.

she was so excited ....
Sep 9, 2008
Way to go! She did fantastic! What a true competitor to overcome that crazy morning!!! Awesome job on great scores and AA placement!!!


Proud Parent
Mar 9, 2008
Congratulations!!! She did a wonderfu job! Yes, just getting to the meet on time is 1/2 the battle sometimes!


Great Job Amber! That was a great way to end her level 3 season. She must of been so proud of herself. Is there a meet video by any chance?


Amber, you are a true competitor! Way to put your game face on, You rocked the meet! Congrats!


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
What a way to finish her L3 season, all those personal bests and 3rd place AA!! Woohoo Amber! I am sure she is on cloud 9 and that trophy was probably huge for her! Congrats to her! Way to end a season. :)


Proud Parent
Nov 15, 2008
Way to go Amber!! Such a great way to finish out L3! She did a great job and it is so nice to hit those personal bests! Now on to Level 4! Will she start competing 4 in January? So happy for you both, congrats on an awesome day!!
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