For Coaches How to stop leaning sideways while twisting?

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Jul 8, 2010
Huntsville, Alabama

That's a link of my double full. As I take off, I'm leaning to my right slightly, which makes me travel sideways and thus makes things like 2 and 1/2's hard to land. Since I twist left, I assume if I'm dropping my shoulder early I would be leaning to the left and not the right. Why am I doing this and how do I stop it?

Edit: I've also seen some people (kenzo shirai) use an interesting technique, which seems to let them twist early without going sideways. When Kenzo does it he only lifts his twisting side arm to horizontal, and his opposite side arm goes up to the ear for the set. He can twist very early and doesn't lean sideways. Is this a good way to do it? It would seem that it helps combat the whole leaning to the opposite side problem. Any ideas?
Won't let me edit my original post for some reason, but I wanted to post this as well; a video that shows a worse example and what I'm talking about:

Traveled sideways about a foot.
Snip 1....... get rid of the arch and reduce the shoulder angle

Snip 2....... Place your right hand under your body mass to give you a better block dynamic as you move onto and off the right hand.

Snip 3........ Tilted snap down is the result of falling off your right hand.

Snip 4....... Loosing balance to the right side because there was no balance during the right hand block.

Try this drill.....

Stand on a raised surface 3-4 inches above the floor and balance on your right foot. Hold your left leg up in front and balance again. Fall straight forward onto your left foot to start your round off. Work on kicking to make the turn happen so your body can concentrate on balance and posture going into the right hand block.

Do these onto a line and stay on it.
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Can't compete with what IWC has to say! ;)
Look at the picture, and notice that your feet are just about to leave the floor. Also, notice that your body is off axis at that point. That take off position/angle is what is going to determine where you land. Most of the time, it just takes thinking about it and focusing on it. If you were one of my girls, I would simply say 'hey dummy, be patient and take off more vertical!' ;) Don't be afraid to back up to a layout, 1/2, full, etc. to get the feel of a proper and vertical 'set'.
PS. I still think it's a nice double. :)
Edit: Won't let me upload the picture, but look for yourself at the point of launch, draw a vertical line starting at your feet, and you will see what I'm talking about.
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