MAG I feel like a dolt RE: mushroom/pommel

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Feb 5, 2016
OK, so DS has been training new skills on mushroom (L6). He showed me his routine the other day, with all the new skills in it. I can't tell the difference. I mean, I get sometimes his leg is up, sometimes they're together; sometimes he's belly down and others more belly up...but I really can't tell it apart. I can do this passably for an amateur on other apparatus, but on mushroom, it's just lots of circles to me. He's even tried to break out the skills to demonstrate to me, and I just have to play along. I'm kind of glad he's uptraining on the actual pommel sometimes, as at least then I can see the difference between mushroom and pommel!

Anyway, just wondering if others have a similar problem, or am I just destined to be pommel-ignorant for the boy's whole time in gymnastics?
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um...right there with you and D is a 10! I mean, I know when he does flairs, or a travel of some sort, like a magyar or sivado, sometimes a wu, sometimes I can see the tong fei , and I can usually pick out a russian. Other than that, I am clueless...And even most of the ones I think I know I get wrong about 1/2 the time. I just smile and say good job! LOL!
Totally there as well and my son is also a level 10. I can't keep the skills straight. I can tell when he's doing it all well vs., having trouble and likely to fall, but other than that, really no clue.
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